Link Parker, Cain Marko and Edji Da Silva fuck in “Loaded: Give It To Me Raw” (scene 6)

This is the sixth and final scene from the Raging Stallion movie “Loaded: Give It To Me Raw“. Outside, by the pool, Link Parker and Cain Marko are making out and stroking in the sun. Link climbs on top to tease his hole and brush against Cain Marko‘s fat hard prick, then Cain crouches down to gobble up Link Parker‘s ginormous cock.

Edji Da Silva joins the party and Link greets him with a friendly, ‘Well, Hello There! Sexy Daddy!’ Edji Da Silva piles on and climbs in, polishing Link’s knob while Link gets a face full of Cain’s majestic cock.

Schlongs to the sky and assholes in the air, the three switch around and keep you guessing who’s gonna do what to whom, and just who’s gonna go first? Is it built brunette fuckboy Edji getting drilled and filled from both ends by Link and Cain’s incredibly long and thick monster meat?

Maybe ripped, rangy Link jackhammering Cain while Edji smothers papa bear with his eager hole? Or big beautiful bruiser Cain with his perfect fuzzy muscle-butt and dangling daddy dick? Shall there be some simultaneous spunk spraying soon? How about all of the above and more? This is three way, bareback action worthy of repeat viewing for sure.

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Watch Link Parker, Cain Marko & Edji Da Silva fuck at Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion

Watch Link Parker, Cain Marko and Edji Da Silva fuck at Raging Stallion


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