Masqulin: Lev Ivankov and Collin Lust flip-fuck in “The 4 Rooms” part 2: “Role Play”

Bareback site Masqulin has just released the second scene from their “The 4 Rooms” series. This video – called “Role Play” – is a hot flip-fuck scene starring Lev Ivankov and Collin Lust. Word of the underground 4-Doors sex club is slowly spreading. On a cold and snowy night, horny Lev Ivankov is intent on getting off.

As he enters the club, he is presented with options. Exhibition… Submission.. but it’s the Role-Playing door that most intrigues him. Inside, Collin Lust sits in a dark room behind a table playing Detective. Not interested in cooperating, Lev spits his water on Collin’s face. The interview is over! Now it’s time to start investigating the victim thoroughly.


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Watch Lev Ivankov and Collin Lust flip-fuck at Masqulin

Bareback Porn at Masqulin

Watch Lev Ivankov and Collin Lust flip-fuck in the full-length video


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