Next Door Taboo: Jake Porter and Ryan Jordan flip-fuck in “Step Sniffer”

This Next Door Taboo scene is probably (one of) the last video(s) starring Jake Porter. He and Ryan Jordan flip-fuck in this bareback scene, called “Step Sniffer“. Jake knows his step-brother is curious, which is why he’s always parading around in front of Ryan naked. He knows the tease is tempting to his new family member, seeing as how their parents just married.

He had no idea the depths to which Ryan would sink to get his first whiff of cock until he finds Ryan underneath the bed clutching Jake Porter‘s freshly discarded underwear. Jake smiles at Ryan Jordan‘s embarrassment and tells him to come out- from the closet and from under the bed. He tells Ryan he can do a lot better than just sniffing his jock if he’s curious, but Ryan has reservations about doing something like this with his step-brother. Family is supposed to be off limits, but Ryan’s lust for his brother’s cock might just prove too tempting to resist.

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Watch Jake Porter and Ryan Jordan flip-fuck in “Step Sniffer”

Next Door Taboo

Watch Jake Porter and Ryan Jordan flip-fuck at Next Door Taboo


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