Greg McKeon welcomes Avery Jones to CockyBoys and gives him a hard pounding

Greg McKeon welcomes cute twink boy Avery Jones to CockyBoys. Avery is excited for his debut scene, but the rainy weather is bringing him down. Fortunately, in this bareback scene Greg McKeon knows how to cheer Avery Jones up: a good fuck that will make them both happy!

Greg also has an aggressive, manhandling style that makes Avery melt. And it isn’t long before Greg has him naked on top of a side table and is sucking his cock down to the base. Greg is relentless as he sucks Avery, eats his ass, and jacks their cocks together. After another round of deep rimming Greg picks up Avery and plops him on an easy chair to keep up his ass eating.

And with one spin Greg gets Avery into position to face fuck him. This sets off some sexual acrobatics where Greg rims a cock-sucking Avery while holding him upside down and straddling the chair. And while he’s in position Greg starts fucking him hard. Greg soon flips him over to ride his cock and it isn’t long before Greg is in control again thrust fucking up into Avery.

Greg flips him on his back again drills him with a mix of tough and tender, totally focused on making him cum. When Avery shoots Greg sucks up some jizz and shares it with him in a juicy kiss. Right away Avery pleases Greg by sucking him & jacking him as instructed until his cock erupts in a geyser! As he licks and sucks Greg’s cock and gets some thankful loving kisses, Avery’s rainy day blues are totally gone.

Watch Greg McKeon raw-fuck Avery Jones at CockyBoys


Watch Greg McKeon welcome Avery Jones to CockyBoys


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