MEN: Gabriel Phoenix takes Manuel Skye’s big raw cock in “Off The Grid” (part 2)

Gabriel Phoenix is back at and takes Manuel Skye’s big raw cock in the second part of their “Off The Grid” mini-series. After catching his fiance in flagrante delicto, Abe (played by Gabriel Phoenix) hasn’t stopped running, staying the night with men he finds on the dating app Grid.

Completely unaware that Isaac (played by Leander) is using the app to try to track him down, Abe accepts a request from handsome businessman Edgar (played by Manuel Skye) to share his hotel room.

No longer trying to be faithful, Abe kisses the sexy silver fox all over and sucks his cock, before being surprised by Edgar’s request to sit on his face. Edgar fucks Abe’s tight hole till he cums, then leaves his own hot load on Abe’s hairy chest and abs. But when Isaac knocks on the door, Abe isn’t ready to stop running.


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Watch Gabriel Phoenix bottom for Manuel Skye in “Off The Grid” (part 2)

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