Dean Monroe’s bareback debut! Sean Ford takes his raw cock at CockyBoys

CockyBoys has released a new chapter from their epic “ALL SAiNTS” mythology series. This scene also marks the bareback debut of Dean Monroe! The bearded stud slams his raw uncut cock deep into Sean Ford’s boy hole.

Puck (Levi Karter) seeks help from two unlikely sources for his personal dilemma… involving another important character’s fate. The solution includes guiding Luke (Sean Ford from “The Bottle Collector”) to Puck’s omnipotent mentor Seth (Dean Monroe) from Answered Prayers. Just as he did with Puck, Seth helps Luke navigate the afterlife through his tutelage… and companionship.

After some time with him Seth is drawn to Luke’s beauty and is captivated to bond with him physically. In this bareback scene, Seth first bestows a mere gift which soon turns to sensual touching and gentle kissing with Luke (Sean Ford). In response Luke’s lips travel over Seth (Dean) and down to his bulging crotch. He pleases Seth by sucking him and soon Seth takes control to lie Luke down and suck him deep.

“He picks up Luke to fill his hole on top of a big ottoman”

When Luke (Sean Ford) tells Seth (Dean Monroe) he wants him inside him, Seth takes him by the hand into his office. He lies Luke on his back to eat his ass and he’s enthralled to move right ahead to fucking him with mutual deep pleasure. He picks up Luke to fill his hole on top of a big ottoman. After some intense drilling Seth (Dean) takes a rest prompting Luke (Sean) to sit on top of him and ease Seth’s cock inside him.

Very soon Luke is riding Seth enthusiastically and in response Seth fucks him back with renewed energy. With unstoppable momentum behind him Luke (Sean) shoots his load over Seth’s chest and dapples his outstretched tongue with thick drops. Shortly after this Seth (Dean) pulls out and cums into his crack and Luke slides right back into his cock. AS they lie together a spent Seth drifts into drowsy state while Luke sits up wake and ready for what’s next.

Watch Dean Monroe bareback Sean Ford in CockyBoys’ “ALL SAiNTS”


Watch Dean Monroe fuck Sean Ford in his bareback debut


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