Dato Foland and Leander fuck each other raw in “Off The Grid” part one

The first scene from “Off The Grid” is a bareback flip-fuck scene starring Dato Foland and Leander. When Isaac (Leander) met his fiance Abe (Gabriel Cross), he knew this was the man he’d delete his dating app for. But as his wedding approaches and his best friend Kirk (Dato Foland) asks to fuck him just once, Isaac grabs at his last chance to sow some wild oats.

The friends with newfound benefits take turns sucking each other’s cocks and Kirk tongues Isaac’s hole before sliding his cock inside. Then the groom-to-be gets the best of both worlds as they flip fuck, Isaac fucking Kirk in mish and doggy-style before riding him till he cums. But just as Isaac swallows Kirk’s load, Abe arrives and catches them in the act!

Update: Dato Foland bottoms again… for Franky Fox


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Watch Dato Foland and Leander fuck in “Off The Grid” part one

Watch Dato Foland and Leander flip-fuck in the full-length video


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