Helix Studios: Corbin Colby raw-fucks Ashton Summers in “Ashton’s Ass”

Porn super studs Ashton Summers and Corbin Colby combine their leading man, muscle smash status, and deliver the hard pounding, power fuck of your dreams! After tasting one another’s flawless flesh, the hot hunks handle their big business with a mutual stroke session combo; before, Ashton Summers eases back on the bed for a sloppy good, suck job.

Corbin Colby crams the entire length of the Latin lover’s cock down his throat, gulping down big swallows of schlong in a gold star gagger. But Summers is anxious to wrap his sweet lips around cock king Colby’s tall, ten pounder. The porn prince pounds down as much of the massive piece as possible while Corbin inspects the swarthy stud’s sexy backseat. Liking what he sees, Colby parks himself behind Ashton’s extremely edible ass, and goes to town, fucking Summers’ smooth, pretty pucker with his pierced tongue.

“Corbin takes the hint, and hammers Ashton’s ass hard”

Ass in the air, Ashton rests his ecstasy filled face on the bed, giving Colby’s colossal cock ample room to get to work. Corbin takes the hint, and hammers Ashton’s ass hard, punishing the pretty boy’s perfect posterior with peen pounding strokes. Summers arches that beautiful back, then throws ass back at him, fucking himself onto Colby’s cock with bottom boy precision. Then, our big dicked destroyer has Summers swivel around onto his back. Colby continues assaulting that ass with Ashton’s legs split wide open.

He pounds the Puerto Rican bottom till he’s ready to let his bottom take some control of the cock. Ashton saddles up, then rides Colby’s big rig as his piece bounces, smacking the top in his tan torso. Ashton reaches back and spreads that sexy seat for the camera, then splatters Corbin with fresh cum! The white hot sight sets Colby a blaze, and he busts, coating Ashton’s epic ass with sweet, stud spunk.

Watch Corbin Colby fuck Ashton Summers in the full-length video

Helix Studios


Watch Corbin Colby plow Ashton Summers’ ass in the full-length video


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