Next Door Studios: Bar Addison gets fucked by Jake Porter in “Closet Jock”

Since Jake Porter announced his retirement from porn a few weeks ago, “Closet Jock” might be his very last scene. Next Door Studios has paired him up with handsome Bar Addison. Jake Porter has been hearing whispers on campus about himself, rumors that Bar Addison has been talking some kind of shit about him.

In reality, Bar has a secret crush on Jake. Who wouldn’t, with his ripped body and his amazing eyes? Bar is pretty sure jock Jake doesn’t swing that way, but when he’s confronted by Jake at his door, it becomes obvious that Jake is much more interested in pounding ass than beating it.

That arrangement is just fine for cock-hungry Bar, who can’t believe his fantasy football fuck is about to come true. Some secrets are worth keeping all to yourself!

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