Men At Play: Ricky Blue fucks Robbie Rojo in “Blue Balls Bailout”

This is the 4th Men At Play video for Ricky Blue, but this is the first time he’s wearing a suit. The Ukrainian / Spanish porn star is at the office along with big-dicked submissive bottom Robbie Rojo. Robbie notices that Ricky Blue has been quiet all day and asks if he’s okay. Apparently, things haven’t been going well with Ricky and his wife for months – including some sexual frustration and a very bad case of blue balls!

In this video – called “Blue Balls Bailout” – Robbie Rojo offers to help his straight co-worker Ricky with a quick ‘in-and-out’. Refusing at first, Robbie is able to finally convince his associate to relax a little and enjoy the moment. And what a bailout Robbie provides. First by sucking Ricky’s throbbing cock and then by riding his uncut piece of meat. His blue balls blissfully end while he gets his ass rimmed. All is better now!

Watch Ricky Blue fuck Robbie Rojo in “Blue Balls Bailout”

Men At Play

Watch Ricky Blue fuck Robbie Rojo in the full-length Men At Play video


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