Hot House: Beaux Banks takes Ryan Rose’s big raw cock in “Dirty Doctor” part 3

Here’s the third scene from “Dirty Doctor” – which is the latest bareback movie from Hot House. Super sexually active patient Beaux Banks is at Doctor Ryan Rose’s office for a consultation. After changing into his hospital gown, the Doctor comes in to chat with Beaux Banks about his sexual history.

When Beaux reveals he still has multiple loads in him from the night before, Ryan Rose instructs him to bend over so he can take a look. Just as Dr. Rose spreads Beaux’s cheeks, Beaux pushes out a thick load from his ass that narrowly misses the Doctor. Turned on by the cum that just shot out of Beaux’s hole, Ryan dives right in with his tongue and rims out Beaux’s experienced backside.

“Ryan lays back on the exam table to let Beaux ride him as hard as he wants”

After licking his patient’s ass, Ryan gives Beaux what he really wants when he slides his hard, raw dick deep into Beaux’s hungry hole. With his gloved hands, Dr. Rose holds Beaux by the hips while he rapidly works his cock into the stud’s ass. Ryan wants another hole around his cock, so Beaux gets on his knees and deep-throats the big dick that was just up his ass. After feeding his patient his meat, Ryan lays back on the exam table to let Beaux ride him as hard as he wants.

Beaux bouncing up and down on the doc’s powerful cock before hopping off to 69 with the Dirty Doctor. Then Ryan takes control once more. He fucks Beaux on his back until he shoots thick ropes all over Beaux’s cock and hole. To get Beaux over the finish line, Ryan shoves his cock back in sending Beaux over the edge and covering his abs with his cum.

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Watch Ryan Rose and Beaux Banks in the third scene from “Dirty Doctor”

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Watch Ryan Rose fuck Beaux Banks in “Dirty Doctor” part three


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