Young Perps (Case #1910072-04): Officer Devin Trez fucks Lucas Leon

Case #1910072-04 from Young Perps is a very hot episode starring Devin Trez and Lucas Leon. It has been reported that a young delinquent (Lucas Leon) has been lighting fireworks in the parking lot, and the Loss Prevention Officer (Devin Trez) does not want to miss his chance to bring him to justice.

Officer Trez detains the extremely handsome perp, who is quite uncooperative upon interrogation. But the guard is determined to have his way with the gorgeous young hunk, while punishing him at the same time. He strips the hunk down and stuffs his sweet tight hole with his thick black cock, drilling his ass to a creamy climax!

Watch Devin Trez and Lucas Leon in the full-length Young Perps video


Watch Officer Devin Trez fuck Lucas Leon’s bare ass


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