Next Door Studios: Scott Finn pounds Greyson Lane’s eager hole in “Shy Guy”

This bareback video from Next Door Studios is called “Shy Guy“. The title of the scene refers to Greyson Lane, who may be shy, but he’s not stupid. When Scott Finn comes barking up his tree, he takes notice and catches Scott Finn off guard with his frank and forward talk.

He tells Scott Finn he’s been thinking about getting fucked, and Scott immediately reconsiders his impression of Greyson Lane as a soft-spoken, quiet little deer. Instead, he realizes Greyson is one of those silent but serious types who aren’t here to fuck around unless we’re talking about actually fucking around.

Luckily, that’s Scott’s forte, so he needs no other prompts to lead Greyson back to the bedroom and have his way with this tanned and toned body in front of him. He fucks Greyson all over the bed every way he desires, and Greyson enjoys every moment of it, begging Scott for more and more. By the time the two of them have shot their loads, Scott realizes it’s always the quiet ones who turn out to be the best in bed.

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Watch Scott Finn fuck Greyson Lane in “Shy Guy”

Next Door Studios


Watch Scott Finn and Greyson Lane in Next Door Studios’ “Shy Guy” 


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