Shane Cook debuts at CockyBoys and raw-fucks Levi Karter

Shane Cook brings his sexual enthusiasm to CockyBoys in a hot bareback scene with one of his favorites; Levi Karter! As they make out Shane is excited by lively Levi and his hot bod and he’s in awe of him when he relentlessly and effortlessly sucks his thick cock deep. Shane Cook lights up when Levi Karter asks him to fuck his throat and is in heaven when he obliges that request.

While getting constant deep-throat pleasure Shane bends forward to suck Levi whose mouth is locked on his cock… even when Shane lifts Levi up vertically to rim him. Levi flips back on his stomach to suck him, but Shane wants more of his ass. He sidles next to Levi finger and tongue his hole before taking him over the bed to eat his ass and fuck him with his beer can cock – which Levi takes to quickly

Shane pounds him harder finding the spot that makes Levi ask for more. The hung top kicks it up a notch by fucking Levi in a pile driver. He then brings him back to bed to ride his cock. again his thrusting cock finds the spot. Shane fucks Levi on his back and it isn’t long before he pulls out and shoots a massive load over him. Shane returns to fucking him Levi who eats his load and in short order explodes with a cum geyser.

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