Guys in Sweatpants: RJ Dumont and Beaux Banks suck and fuck each other

This bareback flip-fuck video from Guys in Sweatpants brings together RJ Dumont and Beaux Banks. There’s getting your dick sucked, then there’s getting your dick sucked by RJ Dumont. You could almost get off by just watching his soft lips and wet tongue work up, down, and around Beaux Banks‘ juicy fat cock.

There’s fucking a bottom, then there’s sliding your wet cock into Beaux Banks’ beautiful, smooth hole. Since vers boys have more fun, these two fucked each other all over the kitchen and living room with plenty of underneath views of Beaux’s leg hiked up to get the full orgasmic experience of RJ pounding away. RJ just loves cum so he demanded Beaux bust his load on his face and mouth!

Watch RJ Dumont and Beaux Banks flip-fuck in the full-length video

Guys in Sweatpants


Watch RJ Dumont and Beaux Banks fuck in the full-length video


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