Raging Stallion: Drake Masters and Brian Bonds fuck each other in “Manscent” part 3

The third scene from the Raging Stallion movie “Manscent” is a bareback flip-fuck scene starring Drake Masters and Brian Bonds. Drake is on the hunt for cock when he sees Brian in a sex-sling getting fucked. Drake whips out his cock and enjoys the show. Brian notices and winks at Drake as he jerks his meat. Drake wanders off, where Brian finds him to have some more fun.

Taunting Brian Bonds with his hard dick, Drake Masters bends Brian over to stick his cock into Brian’s freshly fucked ass. Drake wipes the sweat dripping from his face as he continues to fuck Brian’s used asshole. Drake wants a taste of Brian’s insatiable ass and sinks to his knees to rim Brian’s open hole. He turns Brian around to suck and gag on his thick pole. Brian proves he’s ready for more when Drake lays back with his legs in the air to let Brian tongue-fuck his hairy hole.

Raging Stallion

Next, Brian laps his tongue in and around Drake’s hole before sliding his bare cock deep into Drake’s crack. Brian keeps switching between rimming and fucking Drake’s hole, keeping Drake panting and moaning. Brian can’t resist any longer, so he pulls his cock out of Drake’s deep hole and paints Drake’s balls with his thick load. When Brian slides his cock in one last time, Drake dumps his load out onto his thigh. Brian wipes every last drop with his tongue.

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Watch Drake Masters and Brian Bonds flip-fuck


Watch Drake Masters and Brian Bonds fuck at Raging Stallion


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