Pride Studios: Jay Donahue takes Joe Parker’s raw dick in “Fun In The Hole”

This bareback release from the Pride Studios network is called “Fun In The Hole” and brings together Jay Donahue and Joe Parker. The latter one is at a work site cleaning out his tool chest and it’s a mess. He can’t believe how messy it is and things get worse when he finds a used condom. His boyfriend Jay Donahue comes in to pick him up and Joe Parker tells him all about it.

Joe also has found a glory hole and Jay’s very interested. Joe and Jay play with the glory hole for some time until they have had their fill. Once the fun is over they start fucking outside of the bathroom stall. You can feel the love and passion as these two intertwine pleasing one another until they both blow their warm creamy loads.

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Watch Joe Parker and Jay Donahue fuck at Pride Studios

Pride Studios


Watch Jay Donahue bottom for Joe Parker in the full Pride Studios video


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