Helix Studios: Ashton Summers rims and fucks Tyler Sweet’s ass in “Gym Guys”

The latest release from Helix Studios is called “Gym Guys” and brings together Ashton Summers and Tyler Sweet. The young and sexy Tyler lays his horny hands on Ashton after the Latin lust god hits the gym hard. Naturally, Tyler’s strong stroking gets both of these horny boys going.

Thankfully, Ashton Summers has more than enough Latin meat to satisfy Tyler Sweet‘s deep-throat desires. Ashton eyes his boy’s bangin’ backside while getting his throbbing dick sucked; then, he lays into Tyler’s tasty treats. He swallows his young dick like a porny protein shake, before eating that beautiful bubble buttt! Next, Ashton smacks Tyler’s hungry hole and heaves his hefty hog in that gorgeous gape.

Tyler takes every inch in while Summers slams his ravenous, rock hard, rump over the bed till he busts, covering Ashton’s abs. Bottom boy keeps reveling in the railing, riding Summers’ strong staff till he explodes in juicy, jock gym jizz all over his bottom’s smooth backseat.

Watch Ashton Summers fuck Tyler Sweet in Helix Studios’ “Gym Guys”


Ashton Summers at Helix Studios


Watch Ashton Summers and Tyler Sweet fuck at Helix Studios


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