Helix Studios: Ashtin Bates plows Tristan Adler’s boy hole in “Snowball Boys”

This cum-filled Helix Studios release – called “Snowball Boys” – brings Ashtin Bates and Tristan Adler together. It’s a very sensual session that starts with Tristan taking Ashtin’s hard cock down his throat, balls deep! Tristan Adler eats his cock, and even tongues Ashtin Bates’ low hangers before the tatted twink’s hunger for hole gets the better of him.

He slips a horny hand down the back of Adler’s jeans, then teases the boy’s butt hole while tickling his taint, giving him a taste of what’s to come. But first, there’s the massive matter of Adler’s ample appendage, anxious for some deep throat attention. Ashtin engulfs the guy’s engorged groin, swallowing every thick, throbbing inch down to the base, then licking the stiff stick like a load filled lollipop.

“Ashtin eases his pulsing piece into Adler’s eager ass”

Then, the sultry cock star spits on their dicks, and greases their guns together. With nature’s lube on his knob, Ashtin eases his pulsing piece into Adler’s eager ass, teasing the twink with slow, strong strokes deep down his sweet center. He plays with Tristan’s tacklebox, then orders the boy onto all fours for a premium pounding. Adler steers his smash with a dominant grasp to Tristan’s sexy mop of surfer boy hair, adding a few cracks to his can for good measure, before dominating the dude with a side dicking.

Ashtin Bates speeds up the slam, then pulls out, spewing buckets of white hot bust all over his boy’s butt. The cum connoisseur scoops up a handful of his own brand and gives them both a taste. Then, he positions that handsome face right in the line of fresh fuck fire. He strokes Tristan’s tool till it oozes cummy goodness, right into his mouth. The dirty doers pass the tasty treat between one another in a kiss dripping with cum.

Watch Ashtin Bates fuck Tristan Adler in “Snowball Boys”

Helix Studios


Watch Ashtin Bates and Tristan Adler fuck at Helix Studios


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