Helix Studios: Alex Riley rims and fucks Hayden Lee’s boy hole in “Come And Get It”

This erotic expose – called “Come And Get It” – takes you behind the curtain and into the Helix Studios model house as Hayden Lee gets acquainted with his new housemate, Alex Riley. He walks in on the rock hard hottie as he’s filming a sexy solo session. Hayden let’s Alex know he’s ready and willing to help him out; and, the boys become fast fuck buddies.

Hayden Lee lays a mean licking down on Alex Riley’s rock hard cock; and, Alex gives the newbie a naughty welcome, planting his handsome face in Hayden’s ass, then wetting his hungry hole with a tongue fuck before breaking in that back door. Riley takes the twink on a passionate fuck tour with his thick tool, laying into Lee’s loins till they both bust. The twinks explode in an oozy, orgasmic overflow that has Hayden’s hole drenched in cum.

Watch Alex Riley fuck Hayden Lee in the full-length Helix Studios video

Helix Studios


Watch Alex Riley and Hayden Lee fuck at Helix Studios


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