Lucas Entertainment: Tomas Brand, Jesse Santana & Jeffrey Lloyd fuck each other raw

The new Lucas Entertainment movie “Tomas Brand: Muscle Daddy King” starts with a raw daddy threeway. This bareback video starring Tomas Brand, Jesse Santana and Jeffrey LLoyd was released earlier today. All three men fuck and get fucked in this opening scene.

Tomas Brand is the reigning King of All Muscle Daddies, and he is always in high demand to go to bed with younger guys who want to fulfill their stepdad/stepson fantasies with him. Here, two guys are vying for Tomas’ attention;  Jeffrey Lloyd and Jesse Santana.

Tomas takes his time tasting the cocks of Jeffrey and Jesse before he fucks Jesse raw in a spit-roast position while Jesse sucks on Jeffrey’s monster cock. Tomas gets so worked up by his young lovers that he wants to feel his own ass get rammed, and he gets his hole pounded by both Jesse and Jeffrey!

Watch Tomas Brand, Jesse Santana & Jeffrey Lloyd fuck at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment


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Upcoming Scenes & Release Dates

Tomas Brand Muscle Daddy King

The remaining three scenes from “Tomas Brand: Muscle Daddy King” will be released over the next couple of days:

  • September 30th (Scene 2): Dylan James, Edji Da Silva and Braxton Boyd
  • October 4th (Scene 3): Tomas Brand and Allen King
  • October 7th (Scene 4): Manuel Skye, Max Adonis and Drew Dixon


Watch “Tomas Brand: Muscle Daddy King” at Lucas Entertainment


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