Str8 Chaser: Bryan Delcado gets tricked into fucking Seamus O’Reilly’s ass

The guys from Str8 Chaser have released a new ‘Bait-Bus’-style video. Hot redhead Seamus O’Reilly – with a little help from Laura James – tricks Bryan Delcado into fucking another guy. The straight guy is horny and assumes that the sexy brunette is going to suck his cock. As soon as Bryan Delcado is blindfolded, Seamus shows up and trades places with Laura.

I loaded up the Str8 Chaser van with good whores Laura James and Seamus O’Reilly, who are both impatient to find some sexy man meat and do naughty things. Seamus hides as Laura scopes out an impressive specimen. Bryan is a bit hesitant at first, and Laura has to show him her tits to get him in the van, but he’s ready and willing to do the blindfold for a blowjob.

That’s when firecrotch Seamus hops out and gets to work, and Bryan sure seems to enjoy the feel of the ginger hunk’s mouth on his cock! Laura reveals she’s not the one sucking Bryan’s dick, and somehow manages to convince this straight guy to take a turn going down before ordering Seamus to hop on Bryan’s boner! With Laura giving the orders, I got to just sit back and enjoy the show as Bryan fucked Seamus’ tight hole and both guys shot big loads.

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