Next Door update: Landon Matthews, Ian Oakley, Hayden Brier, Carter Woods, Scott Finn & more

Here’s our Next Door Studios summary for this week. The gay porn network is adding four hardcore scenes and a solo video to its members area. “Big Brother Banging” marks the Next Door Studios debut of Landon Matthews. He has been paired up with Ian Oakley and Hayden Brier. Muscle jock Carter Woods plows Scott Finn’s ass hole in “Lucky Break“.

The scene called “Playtime Buddies” is a bareback foursome starring Princeton Price, Zane Williams, Elye Black and Donte Thick. Handsome redhead Dacotah Red fucks Michael Jackman’s eager hole in “Deep Inspection” and this week’s “Casting Audition” brings us Julian Brady, who jerks off and shoots a creamy load.

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“Big Brother Banging” – Landon Matthews, Ian Oakley and Hayden Brier


Ian Oakley and Landon Matthews obviously like each other, but they’re nervous to do anything about it. For one thing, they don’t really know what they’re doing, but also they have to worry about getting caught. But when Ian’s parents go out of town for the weekend, the perfect opportunity arises. The only catch is big step-brother Hayden Brier is home, but that turns out to be a good thing when he catches them fumble-fucking around. He takes control of the situation and teaches both of them how to fuck, and how to fuck nasty. By the time big step-brother is done with Ian Oakley and Landon Matthews, they’ll be cock sure and ready to rock.


“Lucky Break” – Carter Woods and Scott Finn


Scott Finn‘s broken hand has got him laid up and bummed out. He can’t even really jerk off right now. But every dark cloud has a silver lining, and so with nothing better to do, Carter Woods figures he may as well help Scott out with his problem. He gets no argument, even though Scott admits he’s kind of helpless to even undress himself. Carter tells him he’ll take care of him, leading him back to the bedroom.

Once there, Carter delivers on his promise, laying Scott on his back and taking care of everything. He readies Scott’s hole with his tongue before plunging his dick deep inside Scott’s waiting hole. Scott moans with pleasure. He was hoping for a helping hand but Carter’s deep dick assistance is so much better. Carter fucks Scott good and hard all over the bed before pounding him one last push until Scott shoots his load all over himself. Carter pulls out and gives Scott another healthy blast for good measure, coating him with cum that makes him forget all about his injury.


“Playtime Buddies” – Princeton Price, Zane Williams, Elye Black and Donte Thick


This isn’t the first time roomies Elye Black and Princeton Price have hosted an orgy and if it’s anything like their past parties, the only house rule is that there are no rules. Both guys have picked up a party pal at the gym. Donte Thick was invited by Elye Black and immediately accepted the invitation. Princeton had to work Zane Williams a little bit and now that the gang is all here, anything goes. Zane Williams is shy at first, but when his pants come off, so do the inhibitions as he proves to be quite the find. Donte Thick is a cock-pig, just as advertised, and when he begs the three of them to shower him with their loads, they all agree that this might have to be more than just a one-time get together.


“Deep Inspection” – Dacotah Red and Michael Jackman


Before Michael Jackman sells he wants to make sure everything is in order so there aren’t any surprises. He calls Dacotah Red over to take one last look over some details in the bedroom. Once there, Michael points out some areas in need of some caulking. Dacotah has, of course, never heard this one before and starts to feel his pants get tighter. When Michael grabs his hand and asks him if he’s into a cocking, Dacotah smiles and throws him on the bed. If it’s an inspection he wants, it’s an inspection he’ll get… a nice, long, deep inspection. Dacotah Red makes sure every inch is explored as he deep dives and gives Michael Jackman’s concerns the thorough attention he deserves. Michael soon realizes why Dacotah cums so highly recommended in the field.


“Casting Audtion” – Julian Brady


Julian Brady is one sexy straight guy ready to try out the adult industry. He’s a body builder and works in the construction industry. He may come off timid but Julian’s cock stayed rock hard for our casting agent with every stroke. Our agent got some amazing views of Julian Brady and you can hear Julian’s moans as he slides his hands up and down his rock hard shaft. He might be straight but if you guys like him I’m sure we can see him doing some guy on guy action.

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