Next Door update: Kyle Brant, Greyson Lane, Dante Martin, Tanner Hyde, Steve Rickz & more

Here’s a look at this week’s Next Door Studios videos. The gay porn network is adding four hardcore scenes and one jerk off video to their members area. Last month, blond newcomer Kyle Brant did a casting video and now he’s back to fuck Greyson Lane’s bare ass in “Brother’s Bond“. Another hardcore debut for Tanner Hyde this week. He bottoms for muscle jock Dante Martin in “Bound & Bred“.

Mathias, Steve Rickz and Ryan Jordan have been paired up for an awesome threesome. Don’t miss these hot guys sucking and fucking each other in “Band Buddies“. Hotties Quin Quire and Johnny B also fuck each other in a scene called “Friendly Fix“. This week’s newcomer doesn’t seem to have a last name (yet). They just call him Elijah. Check out his “Casting Audition” cause he’s a pretty hot guy!

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“Brother’s Band” – Kyle Grant and Greyson Lane


Step-brothers Kyle Brant and Greyson Lane couldn’t be more opposite one another. Greyson is an open freak, proudly flying his flag and always looking to score, but Kyle is much more sheltered and reserved, probably because of his mom, Greyson figures. But whatever the reason, when Kyle Brant catches Greyson jacking to some gay porn, he’s both horrified and intrigued at the same time. Greyson catches him staring and realizes the two of them may not be so different after all. Kyle is about to discover sides of himself he never knew existed, and Greyson is about to discover there’s a silver lining to having a step-brother.

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“Bound & Bred” – Dante Martin and Tanner Hyde


Even though he’s always Dante Martin‘s bottom boy, Tanner Hyde wants to show that he can still be in charge. Dante isn’t sure where Tanner’s tough talk is taking them, but for now he’s game. He becomes even more skeptical when Tanner binds him to a chair with tape, but he changes his mind when Tanner shows him what he has in store. Tanner shows Dante all the pleasures of giving up control, and he discovers that it’s a role with plenty of unexpected benefits.

Wanna see Tanner’s submissive side? Nic Sahara dominates and fucks him!

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“Band Buddies” – Mathias, Steve Rickz and Ryan Jordan


Mathias and Ryan Jordan haven’t had much luck filling out the lineup for their band since moving west, but their fortune is about to turn around when drummer Steve Rickz answers their audition call. Steve not only has the chops to fill in behind them, but he’s also some serious equipment to ‘fill in’ a few other places. It sure seems like a promising match, but Ryan and Mathias won’t know for sure until the put Steve through a standard ‘practice run’ to test the chemistry between the three of them. Steve Rickz is ready and willing to show he has what it takes to be the cornerstone of this band, and he quickly turns Ryan and Mathias into harmonious believers, as the three of them prove to be a natural fit for each other in every single way. Looks like Ryan and Mathias have found their man.

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“Friendly Fire” – Quin Quire and Johnny B


Johnny B‘s been having some trouble lately with his boyfriend, so he visits buddy Quin Quire to get some advice on what he should do. Quin tells him he really isn’t sure, since he’s never actually had to deal with an unsatisfied lover. This raises Johnny’s eyebrow immediately, and he decides the easiest thing to do about his sexual frustration is to find someone to fuck him right. Quin is more than willing to do the deed, and Johnny begs him to fuck him relentlessly.

This is music to Quin’s ears and he wastes no time obliging Johnny. He throws him back on the bed and proceeds to have his way with him, sucking him off before raw dicking him all over the bed. Johnny turns beet red as Quin Quire chokes him while pounding his hole, and as he lets up, Johnny B shoots his load all over himself as Quin pulls out and blasts his face. Cum covered and exhausted, Johnny smiles at how easy the solution to his problem was, after all.

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“Casting Audition” – Elijah


Elijah sits down with us today to see if he has what it takes to become a model and pass the casting couch test. He’s into extreme sports and loves the outdoors. He wants to get in the industry for some side cash and the fun as well. He doesn’t consider himself gay or straight but rather sexual instead. He has some great stories also so take a listen. Our casting agent leaves the room while Elijah gets his cock hard and once he comes back in Elijah is rock hard with a very long uncut cock. Elijah isn’t scared of our casting agent as he gets amazing shots of this sexy young man. Elijah continues to show off his rock hard cock and he even gives us a great cum shot but it’s all up to you the viewer if you think he will Pass or Fail.

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