Next Door update: Jason Mack, Greyson Lane, Dalton Riley, Scott Finn, Adonis Cole & more

Here are this week’s videos from the Next Door Studios network. The gay porn studio has released 3 hardcore duos, 1 threesome and 1 solo audition. Newcomer Jason Mack makes his debut in “A Good Look” and fucks Greyson Lane, while Dalton Riley pounds Scott Finn’s ass in “Sunkissed“.

Johnny Hill, Adonis Cole and Elliot Finn fuck in “Foreign Fuck“. Princeton Price and Ryan Jordan suck and fuck each other in “Stress Relief” and the this week’s newcomer, Dante Foxx, plays with his big hard cock in a new “Casting Audtion” video.

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“A Good Look” – Jason Mack and Greyson Lane


With their relationship on the skids, seeing Greyson Lane all done up for his date has Jason Mack seriously considering that it may be over for the first time. Faced with the possibility of losing his beau, Jason realizes he must act swiftly and with confidence. He tells Greyson he’s sure they can salvage what they have, and Greyson Lane tells him to prove it. Once there, Jason Mack finally unleashes himself, opening up to Greyson in a passionate way that has been missing from their relationship. It seems all Greyson really needed to do was show Jason what he’d be missing. And now that Jason knows what he has, Greyson can expect many more ‘date nights’ like this one in the future.

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“Sunkissed” – Dalton Riley and Scott Finn


Suns out, buns out! That’s what Dalton Riley says. Only he didn’t figure there’d be such a hot catch sweeping the pool. But one look at Scott Finn has Dalton Riley ready for a little poolside affair, and it seems Scott Finn can barely keep his eye on his work, so he must be thinking the same thing. Sure the neighborhood can see them, but the heat is too hot for either one of them to care about that now.

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“Foreign Fuck” – Johnny Hill, Adonis Cole and Elliot Finn


For exchange student Adonis Cole, learning the ropes in America means dealing with Johnny Hill’s handsy little step-brother, Elliott Finn. Elliott has a bit of a history getting a little too fresh with the guys in the house, and Adonis certainly has a body worth groping, so one could hardly blame Elliott when he tries to cop a feel of Adonis’ package.

Johnny Hill has to remind Elliott Finn that not everyone gets down in such a family positive way, but Elliott tells him to let him decide for himself, and to Johnny’s disbelief, it turns out that Adonis Cole‘s curiosity extends to more than just American culture. Needing no more of an invite, Johnny and Elliott proceed to show Adonis a very special kind of hospitality, one that he’ll surely take home with him.

Watch Johnny Hill, Adonis Cole and Elliot Finn fuck


“Stress Relief” – Princeton Price and Ryan Jordan


When Princeton Price discovers Ryan Jordan stressing out on the porch, he tells him he needs to relax. Ryan knows he’s right, but he’s got too much anxiety to put it into practice, so Princeton helps him out with a little physical attention to take Ryan’s mind off his issues. Princeton Price hits all the right spots to ease Ryan Jordan’s tension, then invites him to engage in a massive release at the end. Ryan takes him up on his offer, and by the time he’s let loose his load of worries, he’s already feeling much, much better.

Watch Princeton Price and Ryan Jordan flip-fuck


“Casting Audition” – Dante Foxx


Dante Foxx (husband of Romeo Foxx) is a sexy young man ready to try out the adult world and we think he might have what it takes. Our casting agent puts him to the test and he stays rock hard the whole time as our agent pans around him from every direction. Dante has a big long cock that is ready for the industry just maybe. Kick back and watch Dante Foxx try out for Next Door Studios and decide if he passes or Fails.


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