Next Door update: Cyrus Stark, Tyler Lakes, Scott Finn, Zion Nicholas, Dacotah Red & more

As usual, here’s our weekly Next Door Studios summary with image galleries and video trailers for all of the studio’s new scenes. Fans of threeways are in for a treat since three out of the five scenes are threesomes! Cyrus Stark makes his Next Door debut in “Learning To Play Together” in which he fucks with Tyler Lakes and Scott Finn.

Muscle jocks Dacotah Red and Zion Nicholas team up to fuck Will Braun in “Too Young To Settle“, while “Don’t Just Look” brings together Roman Todd, Chris Blades and Princeton Price. The sexy Jake Porter bottoms for Carter Woods in “Fuck Study” and newcomer David Skylar plays with his juicy cock in a new “Casting Audition” video.

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“Learning To Play Together” – Cyrus Stark, Tyler Lakes and Scott Finn


When his step-brother asks him if he wants to join in on a threesome, Scott Finn isn’t sure if he’s being put on. Surely Tyler Lakes isn’t suggesting Scott actually fuck his boyfriend. But Tyler isn’t the jealous type, and besides, he knows Cyrus Stark is a hot piece of ass that can’t be contained, so he might as well go with it. Scott agrees and decides to join them, and so after their pool party, Scott climbs the stairs to find them in the bedroom already started. Scott watches from the doorway for a few minutes before entering and stripping off his clothes.

Once there, he indulges his every fantasy as the three of them take turns fucking and sucking each other. Tyler Lakes proves he’s more than ready to take some family dick as Scott Finn slides inside him from behind. He sucks Cyrus Stark off as Scott gives him the long pole, then they switch up and Scott gets a taste of Cyrus’ sweet action. By the time they are done, Tyler and Cyrus are both freshly fucked, covered in jizz, and all the way out of energy, and Scott has himself a new family secret to keep.

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“Too Young To Settle” – Dacotah Red, Zion Nicholas and Will Braun


Ah, to be young and in love… there’s nothing better, except maybe sharing the one you love with someone else, which is something Zion Nicholas and Will Braun are very eager to try. They’re happy with one another but the temptation of straying is always there, so instead of wrestling with those feelings and letting them ruin a good thing, Will and Zion have decided to embrace their desires.

They invite Dacotah Red into their bedroom for a little extra-curricular action, and Dacotah is hell-bent on making it worth their while. He watches them from the doorway for a few minutes before joining them, and once he’s in the mix, Zion and Will Braun waste no time integrating him into their play. Dacotah Red and Zion Nicholas take turns pounding Will into submission, and he loves being in the middle of so much manly meat, but the deed’s not done until everyone has cum, so the three of them better get to it.

Watch Dacotah Red and Zion Nicholas fuck Will Braun


“Don’t Just Look” – Roman Todd, Chris Blades and Princeton Price


Roman Todd knows his step-brother is nosy, but there’s nothing he can really do to keep him from spying, so Roman figures ‘why fight it?’ Boy toy Princeton Price is definitely into sharing, so when Roman sees Chris Blades at the door watching them fuck, he delights in the thrill for a while, then finally ends the torment and invites Chris to join.

Princeton agrees, and before he knows it, Chris’ voyeuristic tendencies have landed him smack dab in the middle of his wildest fantasy. Roman Todd has been waiting to break in his step-brother, and Princeton Price is keen to get a crack at that virgin ass, too. By the time they’re done with him, Chris Blades will know how to do much more than just watch.

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“Fuck Study” – Carter Woods and Jake Porter


Jake Porter is just kicking it on campus preparing for a test when old buddy Carter Woods happens upon him. Jake has had a crush on Carter for as long as he can remember, but alas, Carter is straight and has a girlfriend. But today is Jake’s lucky day: Carter’s girlfriend is out of town and it seems that Carter has been harboring a crush of his own for Jake. Jake really should study but who can think about school when Carter Woods is begging with his eyes to make Jake Porter’s fantasy come true. A good education is invaluable, but a good fuck is worth its weight in gold.

Watch Carter Woods fuck Jake Porter in “Don’t Just Look”


“Casting Audition” – David Skylar


David Skylar is 28 years old and one tall glass of water. He’s sitting with our casting agent today to see if he has what it takes to make it into the Next Door Studios family. He says that he’s been guided towards the adult industry throughout the years. Now he is finally ready to try it out. He may be straight but he does tell one compelling story of a man on man encounter. Come sit down with David Skylar and our casting agent. Watch him pull out his big cock and see if he passes or fails.


Cyrus Clark debuts at Next Door Studios

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