MEN update: Cassidy Clyde, Johnny Rapid, JJ Knight, Joey Mills, Andy Onassis & Dann Grey

This update covers the gay porn network’s videos from Thursday up until Saturday. The most recent release is the second scene from the “Running Butthole Challenge” mini-series. It’s a flip-fuck video starring big-dicked twink boy Cassidy Clyde and Johnny Rapid. Slender hottie Joey Mills takes JJ Knight’s big raw dick in “Elevator Pitch“. Last but not least, Andy Onassis plows Dann Grey’s eager hole in “Projecting Romance“.

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“Running Butthole Challenge” (part two) – Cassidy Clyde and Johnny Rapid


Johnny Rapid has decided that he’s going to take part in the “Running Butthole Challenge”, even if it means causing a hell of a ruckus in his hotel room as he repeatedly tries and fails to get the angle right. Cassidy Clyde in the room next door is trying to get some business done, but Johnny’s crashing and cussing is driving him up the wall. Cassidy goes to Johnny’s room to see what’s causing the commotion and finds the aspiring acrobat wedged between his bed and the wall.

Cassidy Clyde and Johnny Rapid come to an agreement, that big-dicked Cassidy will help Johnny out if he can make it worth his while. Soon enough sweet faced Cassidy is sliding his massive cock into Johnny’s waiting hole. Johnny takes it all, letting Cassidy pound him all over the hotel room before rolling over and letting Johnny return the favor until Johnny’s ready to blast his cum all over Cassidy’s face.

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“Elevator Pitch” – JJ Knight and Joey Mills


When JJ Knight spots his boss in the elevator he decides to seize the opportunity to present some of his brave new ideas about capitalizing on the expanding market and squeezing ever greater quantities of surplus value out of the company’s work force. JJ Knight’s boss tries to brush him off, but sexy twink assistant Joey Mills encourages the boss man to hear the stud out.

With the boss still in the elevator, JJ and Joey start fooling around, stroking each other’s cocks while the big man’s back is turned. Unsatisfied with hand play, Joey seizes an opportunity of his own, letting the elevator doors close on him to create a dangerously sexy office crisis. JJ pulls down Joey’s tasteful office slacks and gives him a deep pounding in the elevator, rimming his hole on a handstand and driving Joey wild.

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“Projecting Romance” – Andy Onassis and Dann Grey


Under the light of the projector, Andy Onassis and Dann Grey share an intimate kiss that quickly escalates to a passionate embrace. The two men grasp at each other’s bodies, licking and kissing as the projector continues rolling. They sensually explore each other’s bodies in the dark before turning the lights on to get a better view as Andy plunges his massive cock into Dann’s eager hole, stretching the horny bottom out as he rides his beefcake top. Andy Onassis pounds Dann’s ass, working himself into a frenzy before blowing his load all over Dann Grey.

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