Nick Fitt, Armond Rizzo, Max Adonis, Zario Travezz, Diego Sans & Shawn Andrews

This update covers the network’s latest releases. Today’s scene – called “Tantric” – is a very hot one starring Nick Fitt and Armond Rizzo. The sexy Max Adonis and Zario Travezz take turns fucking each other in “Head Over Heels” and Diego Sans plows Shawn Andrews’ tight ass hole in the third scene from the “Model’s Choice” mini-series.

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“Tantric” – Nick Fitt and Armond Rizzo


Long overdue for a massage appointment is the beautiful but tense Armond Rizzo who cannot wait for handsome masseur, Nick Fitt, to get to work on his naked body. Nick Fitt moves his strong hands all over Armond Rizzo’s tight body, and pays special attention to his perfectly round ass and his thick, uncut cock. Horny Nick can’t seem to keep it professional and begins to remove his own clothing, revealing his muscular, alabaster body and massive, cut cock, all the while feeling his way into Armond’s puckering butthole.

Nick Fitt plunges his beautiful face into Armond Rizzo’s gorgeous ass and starts rimming him as he moans out of pure pleasure. Nick slowly slides his huge dick deep inside an eagerly awaiting Armond and soon, Armond is sitting on Nick’s rock hard cock. Armond Rizzo starts bouncing up and down in such a hot frenzy that the two sweaty, gorgeous men cannot hold back. Nick Fitt blows his massive load all over Armond’s rippling body. This leaves Armond spent and excited for his next appointment.

Watch Nick Fitt and Armond Rizzo fuck in “Tantric”


“Head Over Heels” – Max Adonis and Zario Travezz


Exotic hunk Zario Travezz slips away to quietly get some satisfaction, unaware that he’s being watched by Max Adonis as he shucks off his clothes and lies down to stroke his hardon. Max wants some of that action, and he sucks Zario’s big cock before climbing onto the bed for some 69. Max is first to get dicked down, taking a pounding in doggy-style and piledriver before hopping on for a ride. Then it’s time to flip the script, and Zario gets a taste of Max’s hard cock in his ass! It feels so good that Zario Travezz just has to cum, and Max Adonis pulls out and jizzes all over him.

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“Model’s Choice” (part 3) – Diego Sans and Shawn Andrews


For Diego Sans‘ Model’s Choice scene he knew that he had to pick the blue-eyed Shawn Andrews. Shawn is turned on by Diego’s furry body and dark hair, and Diego loves Shawn’s perfect bubble butt. Diego takes his time teasing Shawn’s hole, fingering him and rimming him while Shawn moans, eager for more. Shawn spreads his ass, letting Diego get his face deep between his cheeks as he bites and licks the horny hottie. The intense sexual connection is immediate and powerful, Shawn loving every second of Diego teasing his ass before he shoves his thick cock inside. Diego Sans plows Shawn Andrews, fucking the cum out of him and letting it drip onto the floor as Diego continues slamming his dick into the worked up stud.

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