MEN update: Kaleb Stryker, Paul Canon, Diego Sans, Theo Knoxx, William Seed & Windom Gold

This update covers three of the studio’s most recent releases, starting with “Spring Cumming” in which Kaleb Stryker fucks Paul Canon. The first scene from the new “Boy Toys” mini-series marks the debut of gay porn newcomer Theo Knoxx. This hot newbie gets double penetrated by Diego Sans and a dildo. Not new to porn, but a first-timer at is Windom Gold. He bottoms for William Seed in “Zodiac: Scorpio“.

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“Spring Cumming” – Kaleb Stryker and Paul Canon


Paul Canon keeps a tidy house, but his new roommate Kaleb Stryker is making that almost impossible! The horny twink won’t stop jerking off, leaving his sticky tissues all over the house. Paul confronts the curly haired jerk-offaholic but Kaleb won’t stop stroking, cumming all over the floor and leaving it for Paul to clean up.

When Paul Canon is bent over, Kaleb Stryker decides that he’s finally had enough of his own hand and shoves his dick straight up Paul’s tight ass. The two feuding friends settle their differences by fucking all over the house, Paul taking Kaleb’s thick uncut cock all the way inside of him until he’s ready to blow his load all over his own face.

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“Boy Toys” (part one) – Diego Sans and Theo Knoxx


For Diego Sans playing with Theo Knoxx‘s tight smooth hole is serious business, and he’s come equipped with all of the right tools to get the job done. Diego rims Theo’s eager ass, tonguing and fingering it as he prepares it for the long black dildo he’s about to shove inside of it. Theo Knoxx can’t get enough of the toy, moaning and holding his knees back to give Diego Sans total access. Diego alternates between pounding Theo’s butt with his variety of toys and his rock hard cock until he’s ready to fuck the cum out of him in this intense scene.

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“Zodiac: Scorpio” – William Seed and Windom Gold


Scorpio men are shrouded in mystery when they make love to another man, they are passionate, they are lustful, but more than anything else they are elusive. They have impressive techniques that will please you, but don’t be mistaken: their goal is to take everything from you.Windom Gold and William Seed provide an object lesson in the powerful lust of Scorpio men.

William Seed shoves his long, thick cock down Windom’s eager throat, teasing the horny hunk’s tongue with the tip of his dick. Windom Gold bends over and lets William slam himself into his tight ass, William using Windom’s hole as his personal fuck toy as he pounds him ferociously all over the sunlit room.

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