Helix Studios: Hayden Lee bottoms for Ashton Summers & Travis Stevens fucks Tyler Sweet

Here are today’s and Wednesday’s scenes from Helix Studios! Twink boy Hayden Lee is back for his second scene and bottoms for Ashton Summers. In case you’ve missed his debut with Micah West, check this out! Big-dicked jock Travis Stevens plows Tyler Sweet’s tight boy hole in “Sweet Meat“. Two super hot bareback videos!

Helix Studios

Watch Hayden Lee, Ashton Summers, Travis Stevens and Tyler Sweet fuck


“Introducing Hayden Lee” – Ashton Summers and Hayden Lee


Everyone’s anxious to know more about the new boy on the block, Hayden Lee, since his breakout scene taking Micah West’s massive meat! So, we paired him with superstar Ashton Summers to probe the young pretty boy in more ways than one, for another erotic edition of, “Introducing!” Ashton Summers puts the heat on Hayden Lee and get him to spill some spicy sauce about committing out, porn, piercings, and of course, what he’s into sexually.

Savvy Summers saves the best bit for last, and leads the boys right to the bedroom! Armed with all the ammo he needs to welcome the young hottie to Helix with a second scorching session, Summers puts that suave charm on and delivers a seriously sensual make out session as clothes fall to the floor. Lip locked, Ashton teases the twink’s hot ass, and Hayden Lee lays into the porn prince’s perfect piece, stroking Summers’ stuff schlong before dropping down and drinking that dick fully down his throat.

After working Summers’ nut filled nads and downing that D to the base, Summers remembers our boy likes it a little rough! So, he tosses the twink on the bed, then rips his overstuffed undies right off! Like a heat seeking missile, Summers is a man on a mission. After shredding Lee’s shorts, he shoves his expert tongue right in the boy’s beautifully smooth backdoor, tenderizing that tight tunnel in preparation for the porn star pummeling he’s about to put on him!

He gives the guy’s glory hole one more lick, puts some spit on his cock, then stuffs the dude balls deep. He goes slow and sultry at first, feeling the newbie out with a few strokes; but, then, at Hayden’s request, Summers hammers the young hottie hard! Ashton folds his pretty plaything over onto his side, then keeps right on smashing with a hot hand to the bottom’s throat! The Latin pipe layer then plants a kiss on the boy and lays down, signaling Hayden to hop on for the ride of his life.

Lee lays into that Latin lust lance like a beast, bangin’ booty down on that D till his own bone is slapping Ashton Summers’ shredded six pack! Ashton gives the guy a hand before Hayden takes the reigns and seeds Ashton’s abs with an army of ooze! The warm cum coating causes Summers own bone to bust. His thick load spews straight up Hayden’s crack, filling the boy’s sweet center with fresh spunk.

Watch twink boy Hayden Lee bottom for Ashton Summers


“Sweet Meat” – Travis Stevens and Tyler Sweet


Tag along with Travis Stevens and Tyler Sweet through their own personal cellphone videos, as they hit the Vegas strip for a day date! Hot, horny and even a little sweaty after an incredible day, the guys head to their hotel room, and really hit the jackpot! The pretty pair snog while stripping one another from their sweaty clothes, revealing tight, chiseled physiques. Tyler’s tight underwear are filling up fast, and about ready to burst. Lucky for him, Stevens has some serious sucking skills, and is ready to put them to work!

He drops to his knees, gives Tyler Sweet’s drawers a tug, and releases the rocked up rod right into his mouth. He fills his throat with Tyler’s sweet meat and sucks that swollen shaft balls deep. Then, he pushes the freshly sucked sexpot down on the couch and fills his face full of fuck! Travis Stevens goes in, cramming his huge, hairless hard on all the way down the boy’s thirsty throat, then smacking him all over the face with his fat, fuck stick. Anxious to taste Tyler’s tight end, Travis turns him over and tucks his tongue right in that pretty pink butt hole.

Tyler’s seat is super sweet; and, Travis can’t wait to fill it full of meat. He kneels on the couch behind the boy and slides his cock up and down the crack. Then, he plunges that perfect, pulsing pole deep into the dude’s hole! He works the muscle twunk’s tight tush overtime, drilling dick into the dude with punishing precision in every position. After a tour of several porny positions, Tyler climbs on Travis’ muscle cock and takes it for a seat slamming spin.

Soon enough, Stevens’ slam speed istarts to increase; and, he pummels that perfect porn star piece hard up into Sweet’s bubbled up back seat at a ball busting pace! Sweet moves his backseat up a bit, allowing Stevens’ seed spitting schlong, and a freshly fired spunk stream to shoot out of that amazing ass of his! Sweet sits right back down on the cream covered cock, pumps his own bone, then fires a fuck load all over Travis’ sexy six pack!

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