Ben Batemen dominates Stas Landon and breeds him in “Arad Winwin Alpha Top” part 2

This is the second scene from Lucas Entertainment’s new movie “Arad Winwin Alpha Top“. Stas Landon is as jacked as he’s always been, and it’s been awhile since he’s been on camera to fuck around bareback with another guy. His buddy Ben Batemen invites him over for some fun, and they get into some hardcore foreplay by sucking on each other’s foreskin.

Ben Batemen is horny to be on top and Stas Landon wants to take the submissive role, so he bends over so Ben can breed him rough and raw. Ben has a reputation for not taking it easy when he’s fucking a guy, and he teaches Stas how to behave like a good bitch and just take it until he’s ready to come.

Watch Ben Batemen breed Stas Landon at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment


Watch Ben Batemen & Stas Landon fuck at Lucas Entertainment


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