Spencer Laval sucks Bradley Hayes’ juicy cock, then jerks off and plays with a dildo

Active Duty has released a bit of an unusual scene… but that doesn’t make it less hot though! The video starts with Spencer Laval servicing Bradley Hayes’ juicy cock. Bradley then receives a call from his boss and has to leave for work. Spencer – left with blue balls – jerks off and works his hole with a vibrating dildo. It’s a pretty hot solo video with something extra.

Once the small introduction is over they both kick back and get naked. Spencer Laval asks Bradley Hayes if he needs a helping hand and soon after he has his mouth wrapped around his hard cock. Spencer loves having his mouth full of hard soldier cock and while Bradley Hayes face fucks him we hear Bradley’s phone ring in the background.

Active Duty

He is on call and when he picks his phone up his boss is calling him into work. Bradley leaves with a quickness leaving Spencer all alone. Spencer may be all by himself now but he has a little friend with him. Spencer doesn’t let the mood change as he begins talking to the camera wearing only a jockstrap. He tugs on his big cock while reaching for a vibrating dildo.

Spencer lubes up the dildo and slowly pushes it deep inside his tight eager ass. He is fired up and even chokes himself for a bit before his cock can’t take it anymore and he lies down on the bed and strokes a massive nut out of his balls leaving his smooth chest full of cum. This is one amazing solo you don’t want to miss.

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