Sean Peek takes Aiden Ward’s thick raw cock in his CockyBoys debut

French-Canadian hottie Sean Peek gets his ass fucked by Aiden Ward in his CockyBoys debut! In this condom-free scene Sean feels totally comfortable with confident & friendly Aiden, enough to open up verbally right from the start and exert control. After they make out Aiden goes down on Sean and gives his cock the full blowjob he virtually demands.

When it’s his turn Aiden Ward commands Sean Peek to suck his thick cock with the same fervor. And Aiden is turned in even more watching this happen in the mirror. A brief 69 follows but Aiden soon has Sean on his back eating his ass and sucking his cock and balls as Sean wants. Finally Aiden pounds his ass and Sean revved up watching himself in the mirror and see Aiden’s ripped body in action.

Aiden joins Sean on the bed so they can both watch themselves in the mirror as Aiden drills him sideways. They still watch as Sean starts riding Aiden’s cock but as they keep going their focus is on each other. And as Sean grinds on Aiden’s thrusting cock he lets loose a powerful cumshot that glazes Aiden’s chest and splatters his face. Finally Aiden strokes an intense load out of his thick cock that Sean tries to get for himself. As they kiss, Sean says it simply: “That was hot.”

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