Pride Studios: Dustin Steele, Angel Ventura, Joe Parker, Michael Roman and Sean Harding

Here is a look at this week’s Pride Studios releases, starting with today’s flip-fuck video. Dustin Steele and Angel Ventura fuck each other in “Are You Motivated Yet?“. The next two scenes are both bareback videos starring Michael Roman. He gets his bare ass fucked by Joe Parker in “Nice Big Wet Cock” and flip-fucks with Sean Harding in “Training Past 30 Is Hard

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“Are You Motivated Yet?” – Dustin Steele and Angel Ventura


Dustin Steele is sitting in the locker room and he is pissed off because Angel Ventura is late for his workout. When Angel shows up 20 minutes late, Dustin gives him some shit about being late, but then tries to get him to forget about his bad day by motivating him to work out. When Angel Ventura continues to be lazy about working out, Dustin begins to grab his ass and asks him if he is motivated yet. With that they begin groping and making out. They exchange blow jobs and then Dustin Steele rims and fucks Angel first. Angel then rims Dustin and fucks him until he explodes with cum. Angel then shoots his load all over Dustin.

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“Nice Big Wet Cock” – Joe Parker and Michael Roman


Michael Roman is in the shower when Joe Parker comes in and asks to join him. When Michael asks Joe to pass him the body wash, he is pleasantly surprised to see the big cock hanging between Joe’s legs and he immediately goes for it. Michael drops to his knees and begins sucking Joe’s big we cock and taking it down his throat. Joe then turns Michael around and begins rimming his ass while the shower water runs down his back and into Joe’s mouth.

Joe uses the water to warm up Michael Roman’s hole as he spits the water in his ass and licks it with his tongue. Joe Parker then fucks Michael from behind and drives his huge cock deep into Michael’s eager ass. Joe puts Michael on his back on the floor and continues to fuck him hard and deep until Michael cannot hold back and he shoots his cum. Joe pulls out and shoots all over Michael. They then continue their shower…

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“Training Past 30 Is Hard” – Sean Harding and Michael Roman


Sean Harding is doing his pre-workout warm-up by doing crunches and his trainer Michael Roman is motivating him and as he gets down next to Sean to assist, Sean cannot help be distracted by the hard cock showing in Michael’s shorts. Not hesitating, Sean reaches for it and starts stroking him making it even harder. Michael stands up and feeds Sean his cock and Sean eagerly sucks him deep down his throat.

Michael then drops to his knees and sucks Sean. Next, they move into a 69 on the exercise matt and then Sean Harding moves to Michael’s ass and rims him. Sean then fucks Michael’s hole deep with his long hard cock. Michael puts Sean on his knees and rims his ass and then fucks him from behind doggy style. He then flips Sean onto his back and fucks him hard until he cannot hold back and pulls out shooting his cum all over Sean.

Pride Studios

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