Next Door update: Lance Weber, Aspen, Anthony Moore, Zion Nicholas, Cayden Stone & more

Here’s our weekly Next Door Studios update. The gay porn network has released some very hot scenes, starting with “Alpha Gets It First“, in which Aspen bottoms for Lance Weber. The next one – called “Roomie Arrangement” – is a threesome starring Anthony Moore, Will Braun and Michael Jackman. This is Michael’s first scene for Next Door Studios by the way.

In the third scene from “The Art of Love“, we’re seeing Cayden Stone enjoying Zion Nicholas’ big hard cock. Hot muscle hunk Alex James pounds Dacotah Red’s hole in “Work & Worship” The fifth release is a solo scene from Next Door Casting. Young blond jock Tanner Hyde strokes his juicy dick on the casting couch.

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“Alpha Gets It First” – Lance Weber and Aspen


Meeting new pledge Lance Weber for the first time, chapter prefect Aspen has to admit he’s less than impressed. Lance doesn’t seem to know jack shit about what he’s doing, and Aspen frankly wonders how he managed to make it through hazing. When Lance suggests he may have persuaded Aspen’s brother’s with a little oral consideration, Aspen becomes livid, telling Lance that he gets first crack at any new crack, and he marches Lance Weber upstairs directly. Once there, his opinion of Lance changes immediately, as the new pledge shows off the skills that earned him such strong consideration. Aspen has to admit, he may not have got there first, but it was worth the wait, and when Lance fucks the cum out of him and coats him with his own load, Aspen agrees with his brothers that Lance’s shortcomings are nothing compared to his thick, long ones.

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“Roomie Arrangement” – Anthony Moore, Will Braun and Michael Jackman


When Will Braun discovers that his roomies have been sneaking around behind his back, he wonders why they never invited him to join the fun. Anthony Moore and Michael Jackman tell him they were worried that he was too much of a prude to approve, but now that Will’s got a firm grip on what’s happening- not to mention a firm grip on both of their hard dicks- they can see that they’ve been missing out by being so sneaky. It turns out, not only is Will down with the program, but he’s a veritable cock loving freak who ups the ante, turning their two man jerk session into an instant 3 man fuck party!

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“The Art Of Love” (part 3) – Zion Nicholas and Cayden Stone


Left empty by his attempts to fuck his way through the pain of heartache, Zion Nicholas decides to confront Cayden Stone at the art studio with a bold maneuver. Stripping, he tells him he’ll be his new model, and when Cayden asks him what he’s doing, Zion confesses his feelings. Cayden thought they were just friends, but now that the opportunity is in front of him, he has to admit Zion is definitely more his type of muse, one that requires long, hard study to truly capture and appreciate. Luckily for him, Zion has all the time in the world. Looks like this is not just a match, but a masterpiece.

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“Work & Worship” – Alex James and Dacotah Red


Dacotah Red may need some work done on his property, but he wants is to worship helper Alex James‘ body up close, instead of just spying on him from afar. After inviting Alex inside for a cool down, he realizes that Alex is definitely down to put in his work in the bedroom instead of the front yard, and in this case, Dacotah’s wants outweigh his needs. He sucks Alex off until he’s nice and hard and then tells him to work his ass like he’s getting paid for it. Alex does what he’s told, pounding Dacotah’s raw hole into submission in every way Dacotah wants it, fucking the cum out of his employer before spraying him down with his hot load. Cum covered Dacotah tells Alex he may need some similar work on a more regular basis if Alex is interested.

See Dacotah Red bottom for Alex James in the full-length video


“Casting Audition” – Tanner Hyde


He’s only 23 years old, standing 5 feet 4 inches and a light 130 lbs. Tanner Hyde is one sexy guy and he’s excited to be here trying out for Next Door Studios. He lives an active lifestyle and is hoping to get certified for diving. Tanner considers himself gay and he tells our casting agent lots of personal questions until it’s time for the clothes to come off. Our casting agent continues to ask him questions while he takes pictures of him undressing. Tanner is turned on by our casting agent and wants him to pull his cock out to help him get more hard. Our casting agent is up for anything and he will push these models to the limits hoping to get some of the action.

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