Next Door update: Julian Bell, Greyson Lane, Anthony Moore, Quin Quire, Elye Black & more

Here’s the weekly summary for Next Door Studios. The gay porn network has released four hardcore scenes as well as a solo audition video. Handsome wink boy Julian Bell fucks Greyson Lane in “Virgin Pride“, which was released earlier today. Anthony Moore and Quin Quire fuck in the kitchen in a video called “Lover’s Breakfast“.

Muscle jocks Princeton Price and Roman Todd team up to fuck Elye Black in “Hard Bros” and Elye also flip-fucks with Atticus Hendricks in “Double Booked“. This week’s newcomer Brodie Daniels jerks off and fucks a FleshJack in his audition video.

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“Virgin Pride” – Julian Bell and Greyson Lane


Sunburnt and exhausted, Greyson Lane has mixed reviews for his first Pride Parade. On one hand, he had a great time and was happy to participate. On the other hand, he’d have liked to ‘participate’ with a few hot guys to celebrate the event. Buddy Julian Bell tries to tell him that’s not what Pride is all about, but Greyson is hell bent on getting fucked, so to make his friend’s day complete, Julian tells him he could help him out with that request. Greyson thought Julian would never ask, as he peels off his shorts and reveals his rock hard cock. Julian is quick to jump all over it, deep-throating Greyson before spreading his legs and tongue fucking his hole.

Once Greyson Lane is good and ready, Julian slides up behind him and eases his cock deep inside Greyson’s waiting hole. Greyson takes it eagerly, stroking his dick as Julian pounds him from behind. They fuck every way Greyson desires, but he’s so horny he can barely hold his nut any longer, and he spits it all over his chest as Julian Bell pulls out and gives him a facial that Greyson can be very, very proud of. Now, he’s a Pride veteran.

Watch Julian Bell plow Greyson Lane’s tight ass


“Lover’s Breakfast” – Anthony Moore and Quin Quire


The sun is out and the coffee is hot, but Quin Quire is craving some of Anthony Moore‘s special sausage before either one of them has breakfast. Anthony has no complaints, and is glad to share his morning wood with Quin, who’s been dreaming of this all night. Now that his dreams have become reality, Quin wastes no time indulging in his every desire, making sure that Anthony Moore gets his fill as well. By the time the two of them are done, they’ll have worked up way more than an appetite, but what better way to start the day!

Watch Anthony Moore and Quin Quire fuck in the kicthen


“Hard Bros” – Princeton Price, Roman Todd and Elye Black


When Princeton Price and his buddy Roman Todd prank Princeton’s sister, they always have a good time, but there’s more than one family prankster lurking about, and Roman’s step-brother, Elye Black, gets more than an eyeful when he catches the two of them making out. The two of them pull Elye out of his hiding place and threaten him not to tell. Elye tells them he’s going to have to be persuaded to keep his lips sealed, and the two of them tell him they can work with those terms, throwing him down on the bed and having their way with him. Elye has no idea what he got himself into, but as the three of them take their turns fucking and sucking, one thing is for sure: he definitely doesn’t regret being such a sneaky little fuck.

See Princeton Price and Roman Todd fuck Elye Black


“Double Booked” – Elye Black and Atticus Hendricks


With their rooms apparently double-booked, Atticus Hendricks and Elye Black have two options: they can head back down to the front desk and deal with all that commotion, or they can make the most of the situation. Atticus is certainly into the 2nd option, and he convinces Elye to see things his way. Elye’s already gotten a full show, seeing Atticus come out of the shower, and he doubts the view will get any better if he changes rooms, so he decides to take Atticus Hendricks up on his offer and see where it takes him. By the time Atticus is done with him, he’ll be raving about this hotel, and looking to extend his stay at least one more night.

Watch Elye Black and Atticus Hendricks flip-fuck


“Casting Audition” – Brodie Daniels


Brodie Daniels is with us today and he is one big sexy hunk. His abs are amazing and his chill laid back style makes him even more sexy. If you like sexy hunks with an ego from Cali than you should check him out. He sits down with our casting agent who gives him the lowdown and he lets Brodie go at it while he leaves the room. Brodie Daniels seems nervous as he can’t sit still stroking his cock. Our casting agent comforts him as much as possible even turning up the eat for him plus giving him a FleshJack to have some fun with.

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