Next Door update: Donte Thick, Carter Woods, Hayden Brier, Dacotah Red, Will Braun & more

Here’s our weekly summary for Next Door Studios. The gay porn network has released one solo video and four hardcore bareback videos. The most recent release is called “Deep Diagnosis” in which Donte Thick pounds Carter Woods’ ass. Hot ginger Dacotah Red fucks Hayden Brier in “Pool Rub“, while Will Braun and Elliot Finn bottom for Roman Todd in “Train My Hole“.

Hotties Aspen and Quin Quire take turns fucking each other in “The Valedicktorian” and newcomer Kyle Brant plays with his cock and rubs out a creamy load in a new casting audition video. I hope we’re going to see more of Kyle Brant!

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“Deep Diagnosis” – Donte Thick and Carter Woods


What started as shortness of breath has turned into a solid lump in his pants. Luckily for Carter Woods, neighbor Donte Thick was just on his way out the door to work when he sees Carter struggling. Doctor Donte diagnoses a deep dick discovery to delve into Carter Woods’ dilemma, and he doesn’t stop until he’s done with the deed. Carter is thankful to have such a thorough onsite examination of some of his more gaping issue, and Doctor Donte Thick is a no bullshit kind of physician, ready to give Carter the raw remedy he really requires.

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“Pool Rub” – Dacotah Red and Hayden Brier


Ginger hunk Dacotah Red can’t keep his hot little hands off of cutie Hayden Brier, as the two of them relax by the pool. The sun his high in the sky but the temperature is even hotter on the ground as Dacotah lays Hayden out on a beach towel and slowly worships every inch of his tanned and toned body. Dacotah strips him down and has his way as Hayden closes his eyes and enjoys every minute of it. Dacotah Red knows all the right places and his touch excites Hayden Brier in ways that he’s never felt before. By the time Dacotah makes his real move, Hayden is like putty in his hands, willing to do whatever Dacotah desires.

Watch Dacotah Red pound Hayden Brier at Next Door Studios


“Train My Hole” – Roman Todd, Will Braun and Elliot Finn


Roman Todd‘s philosophy on fitness is that a trainer has to be hands on if he really wants to get results, and watching newest clients Will Braun and Elliot Finn going through their paces only reinforces his convictions. Will and Elliott clearly need guidance and training, and Roman is just the guy to whip them into shape. They have to admit Roman’s methods are a bit unconventional, and his idea of a workout is a little more involved than either of them is used to, but the effort is worth the result, and the rewards are instantly gratifying for everyone involved. Never has working up a sweat been so much fun.

See Roman Todd fuck Will Braun and Elliot Finn


“The Valedicktorian” – Quin Quire and Aspen


Class clown Aspen usually doesn’t take his studies very seriously, but he’s suddenly found a new interest in the test subject now that Quin Quire has agreed to tutor him. Quin can tell Aspen has only a passing interest in learning, and that he’s actually much more curious about a different subject entirely. It seems Aspen’s desire for discovery is more in the physical sciences than in finance. Luckily for Aspen, Quin Quire is long on knowledge with a well-rounded base of expertise, and he’s more than willing to school Aspen in the three R’s: rimming, riding, and really big loads.

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“Casting Audition” – Kyle Brant”


Kyle Brant is only 23 but he has wanted to be in the adult industry for some time now. He loves to watch bareback porn and he considers himself Gay. Our casting agent gives him the low down and lets Kyle go at it. Kyle stands up for his pictures and gives our casting agent a great show showing off his sexy ass and hard cock. Kyle kicks back on the couch stroking his cock and eventually Kyle wants our casting agent to pull out his cock and the agent does just that making Kyle’s cock throb even more. Kyle loves to watch him stroking his dick and soon enough he tells our agent that he is ready to pop and lets loose a nice stream of thick cum all over himself.

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