Next Door update: Dante Colle, Jake Porter, Mark Long, Jackson Cooper, Jamie Steel and more

As usual, here’s our weekly Next Door Studios update. This week, the gay porn network releases four bareback scenes as well as a hot audition video. A few days ago, Next Door Studios made an announcement about Jake Porter being their latest exclusive model. He gets fucked by Dante Colle in tomorrow’s release, called “Bang Buddies“.

The second scene from “Going Down On The Farm” just went live. It’s a hot outdoor video in which Mark Long fucks Jackson Cooper before shooting his load all over Jackson’s face. “Maid For Three” is a bareback scene starring Anthony Moore, Jamie Steel and Dante Martin. Justin Matthews bottoms for Jayden Smith and rides his raw cock in “Virgin Breeding” and sexy newcomer Jerold Benton strokes his big, beautiful cock in his casting audition.

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“Bang Buddies” – Dante Colle and Jake Porter


Back from college for the summer, Jake Porter isn’t surprised to see his sister’s boyfriend, Dante Colle, but he is surprised at how grabby Dante is suddenly being around him. In Dante’s defense, Jake looks a lot different than he did when he went away. It seems he’s been hitting the gym religiously, and he’s turned Dante into a believer. Jake Porter can’t believe his sister’s boyfriend is into it. He’s long had a secret crush on Dante, but having his fantasy so close to reality is almost too much for him to stomach. Will they be able to finish before his sister comes home from the store? Will Jake be tighter than his sister? Will Dante leave the sister for the brother? So many questions… so little time to answer them all.

Watch Dante Colle fuck Jake Porter in “Bang Buddies”


“Going Down On The Farm” (part 2) – Mark Long and Jackson Cooper


Jackson Cooper saw everything Mark Long was doing in the barn with those local boys, and though it turned him on to see what Mark had under his overalls, it also made him more than a little jealous. By the time Mark has tracked him down, Jackson is far from the farm and fully worked up. Mark doesn’t really understand why Jackson is so mad, so he comes clean with the truth, exposing his feelings and risking that Mark won’t reciprocate them. But such is the risk you take when bet the farm on love.

Watch Mark Long and Jackson Cooper fuck at Next Door Studios


“Maid For Three” – Anthony Moore, Jamie Steel and Dante Martin


When Anthony Moore comes home to find that both his hired hands are fucking instead of cleaning, he realizes there are one of two lessons to learn, depending on how you look at it. Either you could say, ‘Don’t hire such hot guys to clean your house or else you’ll find them fucking,’ or you could say, ‘Always hire hot guys to clean your house because there’s a good chance you’ll find them fucking’. And after Dante Martin and Jamie Steel get done with him, it’s a safe bet which lesson Anthony will learn.

See Anthony Moore, Jamie Steel and Dante Martin fuck


“Virgin Breeding” – Jayden Smith and Justin Matthews


After spending the day together, it’s obvious Justin Matthews and Jayden Smith like each other, but when Jayden walks him back to his house, Justin is hesitant to invite him in. Jayden can sense Justin is just nervous, but convinces him to let him in. Once there, Justin’s nerves are palpable, and Jayden realizes he’ll have to take control. He grabs Justin and pulls him closer, and the two of them kiss for a long time as Jayden finally gets to run his hands up and down Justin’s chiseled body.

Justin Matthews‘ nerves begin to melt away and his fantasies are unleashed as Jayden Smith shows him how everything is done. When he slides his slides his dick into Justin, it’s so tight that he can barely get it in, but he manages and Justin relaxes, spreading his legs and letting Jayden have his way. Jayden takes his time and fucks Justin good and long, before picking up the pace and beginning to pound him. Justin’s dick gets hard when the harder Jayden fucks him, and he loses his first nut as Jayden covers him with another… a perfect end to a perfect date.

Watch Justin Matthews ride Jayden Smith’s raw cock


“Casting Audition” – Jerold Benton


Jerold Benton is coming to us from a small town and his girfriend of 4 years think he is in California for an acting audition which she is kind of right just not the acting she thinks. Jerold and our casting agent get into some conversation about his sexual tastes and what type of porn he loves to watch. Here at Next Door Casting, we want you the viewer to be as interactive as possible so we have decided to give these models a Pass or Fail and sometimes we will leave it all up to you. Kick back enjoy the casting agent and Jerold’s big cock because today this is a PASS. He never went limp and he stayed rock hard with a great cum shot.

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