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Remember Mike Johnson’s solo debut? The new guy is back at Active Duty and while he has never been with another guy, Mike is eager to suck cock and he goes all in. Blake forces him down so every inch of his hard dick is deep in Mike’s mouth. Mike Johnson takes it like a champ and pleases Blake Effortley as much as a first timer can but by the looks of it he is enjoying himself.

Blake gives him a break and repays the favor by giving him an epic blowjob. Mike bends over for the first time and lets Blake push his big throbbing cock into his tight ass for the first time. Mike squirms a bit but once his ass opens up Blake pounds his sexy hole to the fullest. Blake forces his head down while he fucks him deep making Mike bite the sheets.

Mike’s ass is unbelievably tight and Blake fucks him in a couple positions until he can’t take it no longer. He bends him over the edge of the bed so Mike can stroke his cock while he gets fucked with that hard cock. Blake hits the spot and with a few more strokes of his dick Mike shoots his nut all over the ground. Blake pulls his raw dick out and blast his milky white nut all over his back.

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