MEN update: Kaleb Stryker, Beaux Banks, Billy Essex, Drew Dixon and Justin Matthews

This update covers the gay porn studio’s three latest releases. Today’s release is called “New Conquest” and brings together Kaleb Stryker and Beaux Banks, how fuck in the back of a moving van. Billy Essex pounds Drew Dixon’s ass in “Dirty Deeds” part two and Beaux Banks gets fucked by Justin Matthews in the second scene from the “Anatomy of a MEN Scene” series.

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“New Conquest” – Kaleb Stryker and Beaux Banks


When Beaux Banks discovers that his new neighbor is the sexy Kaleb Stryker, he decides to give him a hand moving in. But when Kaleb catches Beaux sniffing his underwear in the back of his moving van, he realizes why Beaux has a reputation as the neighborhood slut. Kaleb decides the punishment should fit the crime and lets Beaux prove that he deserves his title. Beaux drops to his knees and blows Kaleb, sucking and stroking his cock right there in the back of the van.

Soon Kaleb Stryker returns the favor before bending Beaux Banks against the wall and giving his perfect bubble butt a deep and passionate rim job. Beaux can’t wait any longer and takes the curly-haired hunk’s cock deep in his ass, slamming his cheeks against Kaleb’s thighs as he rides it all the way down to the balls. The two horned up dudes blow their loads in the back of the van, proving that there is something in nature that does want neighbors to get along.

Watch Kaleb Stryker fuck Beaux Banks in “New Conquest”


“Dirty Deeds” (part 2) – Billy Essex and Drew Dixon


After running into Max Adonis on his scandalous trip to the sex club, Drew Dixon drops by Max’s house and airs Max’s dirty laundry to Tyler Berg. When Tyler demands proof of the infidelity, Drew sneaks out to take a picture of Max in the act. However, when Billy Essex catches Drew seemingly perving out in the shrubs, he confiscates the camera and makes Drew work to get it back. Drew drops to his knees and wraps his full lips around Billy’s long, thick cock. Billy records Drew’s sloppy blowjob then takes the tall, brown haired hunk back to his sex den for a dominating fuck session. Billy pounds Drew’s tight hole, making Drew beg for it as he gets wrecked by the horny stud’s thick uncut cock.

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“Anatomy of a MEN Scene” (part 2) – Justin Matthews and Beaux Banks


In the second part of “Anatomy of a MEN Scene”, Beaux Banks gives us a peek into the everyday life of the hero of a scene. From waking up with an eerie feeling that he’s about to have anal sex to an unexpected visit from his married neighbor, we see all of the bumps and surprises that make up a day in the life of the average citizen of the cinematic universe. Through a series of unavoidable circumstances, straight neighbor Justin Matthews ends up with his eager lips wrapped around Beaux’s cock while trying to make his wife a cake.

The first-time-fellator does his best, swallowing Beaux Banks’ hard cock down to the balls then sucking and licking those, too. Soon Beaux is bent over his kitchen counter taking the kind of hardcore pounding that straight men always seem to deliver if given the opportunity, fucking Beaux until the tattooed cutie can’t contain his moans of pure pleasure and blows his load right there in the kitchen.

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