MEN update: Diego Sans, Colby Tucker, Pierce Paris, Joey Mills, Max Konnor & Boomer Banks

Here’s the latest update covering three hardcore duos. starting with today’s release. Brazilian top Diego Sans fucks Colby Tucker in “The Rental House” part two. Big-dicked Pierce Paris plows Joey Mills’ tight hole in first scene from the new “Running Butthole Challenge” mini-series. And don’t miss Max Konnor and Boomer Banks in the second scene from the “Fame Whores” series!

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“The Rental House” (part 3) – Diego Sans and Colby Tucker


On their second day in the Rental House, Colby Tucker stays home while the boys go out to find some breakfast. While the blonde stud is trying to take a shower he starts finding mysterious messages from the creepy property manager (still Diego Sans). Colby is aroused by Diego’s unconventional advances and is quick to drop to his knees and service the hung and horny groundskeeper.

Diego Sans lets Colby Tucker take his cock all the way to the back of his throat, fucking the tall stud’s hungry mouth before he bends him over and toys with his tight ass. Diego slowly and deliberately fingers Colby, getting his hole ready for the furry chested hunk’s rock hard dick. The perverse proprietor pounds Colby, making him moan and whimper until he can’t take anymore and blows his load all over himself.

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“Running Butthole Challenge” (part 1) – Pierce Paris and Joey Mills


When Pierce Paris shows Joey Mills the “Running Butthole Challenge”, Joey puts on a big show of being disinterested. However, when Pierce checks in on him later the sexy brown-haired twink is getting ready to make his own video for it! Pierce sees an opportunity and sneaks into Joey’s room, setting himself up underneath Joey’s phone so that when Joey attempts the challenge he ends up with Pierce’s rock hard cock up his ass. Joey doesn’t mind though, taking the opportunity to ride Pierce’s massive dick. Pierce gives Joey a powerful pounding, ramming his cock into Joey’s tight twink hole relentlessly until Pierce is ready to blast his load all over Joey’s gaping ass.

Watch Pierce Paris bareback Joey Mills’ tight hole


“Fame Whores” (part 2) – Max Konnor and Boomer Banks


Star of the semen soaked silver screen Boomer Banks is sick of blogs talking about people who aren’t him. He’s going to find the biggest dick in the business and take it all the way inside his ass. When Max Konnor shows up he’s reluctant to give the bearded muscle daddy the pounding he craves, but once Boomer says those four little words that every ass destroying stud longs to hear (“you can post it”), all bets are off. Boomer gags on Max’s huge cock, sucking and stroking it while he services the big verbal top. Max rims Boomer’s tight tattooed ass, getting it ready to take his thick dick all the way down in a cheek clapping performance that is sure to get the blogs applauding.

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