MEN update: Dante Colle, Steve Rickz, Billy Essex, Max Adonis and Jesse Prather

Here are the three latest releases from the network, starting with the one that went live today. Steve Rickz rides Dante Colle’s juicy cock in “Schooling The Fuckboy“. Tattooed hunk Billy Essex debuts at and pounds Max Adonis in “Dirty Deeds” part one. The first scene from “Anatomy Of A MEN Scene” is a bareback video in which Dante Colle fucks Jesse Prather. Back in 2016, Jesse has filmed a few scenes for Active Duty, under the name of Scott Millie.

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“Schooling The Fuckboy” – Dante Colle and Steve Rickz


Bearded hottie Steve Rickz thinks that Dante Colle is the perfect boyfriend, faithful committed and heroically hung. But, when Steve discovers that Dante has been cheating on him his whole world comes tumbling down. Steve tricks the dark haired scammer with a scam of his own, disguising himself as the other man and letting Dante suck his cock. When Dante catches on to his thick cocked boyfriend’s trick he’s apologetic, and offers to make it up to Steve Rickz the only way he knows how: by wildly fucking him in his secret lover’s bedroom. Tattooed Steve rides Dante all over the room, sliding his big beautiful ass up and down on Dante’s thick cock until he’s learned his lesson.

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“Dirty Deeds” (part one) – Billy Essex and Max Adonis


When Max Adonis floats the idea of going to a sex club to his boyfriend Tyler Berg, he’s far from receptive so Max decides that he’ll have to sneak out and go alone. At the club Max meets the tattooed and muscular dominant top Billy Essex who straps him into a sling and shows him just how hard he can fuck him. Max Adonis services Billy Essex’s juicy uncut cock, greedily sucking it with his soft lips. The two blue eyed hunks fuck all over the club, Billy hammering Max’s eager hole and giving him the rough and demanding dicking down that he needs. The men won’t stop until Max gets every drop of Billy’s huge load down his throat in this intense scene.

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“Anatomy Of A MEN Scene” (part one) – Dante Colle and Jesse Prather


Dante Colle is here to walk you through the anatomy of a MEN scene – from the conflict and set-up right through to the sex. Dante finds himself in a classic scenario: his boyfriend (Michael DelRay) has invited his colleague, Jesse Prather, over for dinner to discuss banal business matters. Of course, this gives Dante the perfect opportunity to seduce Jesse Prather and fuck him right under his oblivious boyfriend’s nose. Dante, though, wants to get things just right, so that means pausing the action to try multiple seduction approaches and outfits. With his ability to break the fourth wall, Dante is here to guide you through the various methods and mishaps that come with a classic cucking.

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