MEN update: Dante Colle, Colby Tucker, Damon Heart, Jax, Johnny Rapid, Kaleb Stryker & more

Here’s a look at the three latest releases, starting with today’s scene, which is the first part of a new mini-series. The opening scene from “The Rental House” is a very hot outdoor video starring Dante Colle, Colby Tucker and Damon Heart. Sexy Johnny Rapid rides Jax’s big daddy dick in “Conjuring Dick” part four and Kaleb Stryker plows Adrian Hart’s tight hole in “Fame Whores” part one.

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“The Rental House” (part one) – Dante Colle, Colby Tucker and Damon Heart


Colby Tucker, Damon Heart and Dante Colle have reunited after four years apart for a boys weekend. However, the trio get nervous when they discover that the house they’re renting is out in the middle of nowhere and watched over by a weirdo in a red jacket (Diego Sans). Trying to forget about their worries, the sexy studs decide to have a threesome out by the pool. The horny men take turns kissing and caressing each other, Dante Colle and Colby Tucker sucking Damon Heart’s long hard cock together while the brown-haired stud presses their heads down on his pole. Soon Dante has Colby bent over and riding his long hard cock while Damon fucks the hungry mouthed dude’s face. Once it’s Dante’s turn to take Damon’s cock the men can’t contain themselves anymore, blowing their thick loads all over the tattooed hunk.

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“Conjuring Dick” (part four) – Jax and Johnny Rapid


Tall and hung Jax wants a piece of Johnny Rapid‘s ass, and he’s willing to do anything to get it. Jax throws caution to the wind and consults his dusty old book of spells and potions until he finds just what he needs. After bringing some arcane reagents to a boil and saying a quick incantation, Johnny Rapid is conjured into Jax’s room, eager to get his mouth and ass used by the sexy, smooth-bodied stud. Johnny slurps down Jax’s long cock, spitting on it and sucking it even better than Jax imagined. Johnny Rapid rides Jax’s cock on the couch, slamming his ass down on the big dick until he’s ready to blow his load all over himself. Seeing the object of his desire busting a nut in the flesh drives Jax over the edge and he shoots his own thick load all over the mystical twink.

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“Fame Whores” (part one) – Kaleb Stryker and Adrian Hart


Kaleb Stryker won’t rest until he’s the top model on, all he has to do is eliminate all of the competition. When he fakes his way into an interview with prestigious blogger Adrian Hart he’s able to pique the keyboard warrior’s interest with some juicy gossip about his fellow exclusives. Kaleb promises to give Adrian the straight-to-streaming fantasy that he’s been V-O-Dreaming of. He then drops to his knees to give Adrian’s thick cock a greedy servicing. Adrian Hart makes Kaleb Stryker suck his whole cock, the dark-haired twink gagging on its length before he gives Adrian an intense rimming. Kaleb shows Adrian that he has what it takes to be on top by pounding the ebony hunk with his long, hard cock all over the office, blasting a huge load all over the stud’s stomach, chest and pierced nipples.

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