Dirk Caber and Nick Capra flip-fuck in “Secrets My Daddy Never Told Me” part two

Lucas Entertainment has released the second scene from their movie “Secrets My Daddy Never Told Me“. It’s a bareback flip-fuck scene starring hot daddies Dirk Caber and Nick Capra. While the photos are badly lit, the video itself looks fine and the action is pretty hot, too.

Jake (played by Nick Capra) has been secretly in love and carrying on a relationship with his boyfriend, Daniel (played by Dirk Caber) for a long time now, but it’s a part of his life he keeps from his stepson, Tony (played by Dakota Payne). The quiet dynamic of their relationship hurts Daniel, but he’s also weak in the presence of Nick’s alpha-daddy persona, and despite his hurt feelings, they always end up having incredibly passionate bareback sex.

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Watch Dirk Caber flip-fuck with Nick Capra in the full-length video

Lucas Entertainment


Watch Dirk Caber and Nick Capra flip-fuck at Lucas Entertainment


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