Pride Studios update: Tyler Lakes, Mike Lobo, Aaron Trainer, Jake Morgan and more

Here’s our weekly Pride Studios update with previews of the three hardcore videos that have been released this week. The first one is a flip-fuck scene starring young Latinos Tyler Lakes and Mike Lobo. Bearded hunk Jake Morgan bottoms for Aaron Trainer and takes his big raw cock in the second video. Last but not least… we have Rego Bello and Angel Ventura fuck in today’s release.

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“Dude… So You Are From Brazil?” – Tyler Lakes and Mike Lobo


Mike Lobo and Tyler Lakes are sitting on the couch in the Surf Shack and Tyler is asking Mike what it is like in Brazil. When they talk about the beaches he tells Mike Lobo he has seen that the guys down there where the small bathing suits and Mike tells him he is wearing one. He stands up and shows Tyler Lakes and he is had inside his swimsuit. Tyler is excited to see that and starts sucking Mike’s uncut Brazilian cock. Mike then sucks Tyler’s hard cock for a while and then he sits on the couch and Mike rides his hard cock. Tyler then bends Mike over and fucks him from behind doggy style. Mike then lies on his back and Tyler fucks him until they both shoot their loads.

Watch Tyler Lakes and Mike Lobo fuck each other


“My Trainer’s Big Cock” – Aaron Trainer and Jake Morgan


Aaron Trainer and Jake Morgan are in the locker room getting ready for Jake’s training session. Aaron is trying to speed him up, but Jake is not happy that it is leg day and he is moving very slow. Aaron turns out, totally naked revealing his big cock, and Jake is wide eyed and surprised to see how big it is. Aaron notices he is excited and he moves closer to let Jake get a closer look. He starts stroking Aaron’s huge cock as they make out with each other.

Jake Morgan then drops to his knees and starts sucking Aaron’s massive cock and does his best to take it all down his throat. Aaron then sucks Jake’s cock for a while before burying his tongue deep in Jake’s eager hairy ass. Aaron fucks Jake from behind first and drives his cock deep inside his ass. Aaron Trainer then lies on his back and Jake rides his big cock. He then lies on his back and Aaron fucks him harder and deeper until both shoot their creamy loads.

Watch Jake Morgan take Aaron Trainer’s big raw cock


“Oops, I Forgot Your Clothes” – Rego Bello and Angel Ventura


Rego Bello and Angel Ventura have come to the gym for their workout together. Angel was supposed to bring Rego’s gym clothes, but it appears he forgot and the only thing he brought was Rego’s jock strap. After a brief argument about forgetting the clothes, they decide they should just fuck in the locker room. Angel quickly gets both of them undressed and begins sucking Rego’s cock deep down his throat. Rego then sucks Angel’s big hard cock. They move into a 69 where Rego Bello rims Angel Ventura’s ass and Angel continues sucking Rego’s hard cock. Rego then fucks Angel from behind doggy style. They then move to the floor where Angel rides Rego’s cock and then Rego fucks Angel on his back until they both explode with cum.

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