Pride Studios: Ashton McKay, Cesar Rossi, Joe Parker, Tony Orion, AJ Marshall & Liam Greer

Here’s our weekly Pride Studios update. The gay porn network releases three hardcore duos of which the first one came out yesterday. Sexy Ashton McKay pounds Cesar Rossi’s ass in “Stretching Limits“, while Tony Orion takes Joe Parker’s daddy dick in “Excited and Motivated“. Bearded stud AJ Marshall debuts at Pride Studios and fucks Liam Greer’s bare ass in the second scene from “Backroom Sex Diaries“.

Pride Studios

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“Stretching Limits” – Ashton McKay and Cesar Rossi


Cesar Rossi is alone in the locker room stretching when his trainer Ashton McKay walks in. Ashton starts helping Cesar with his stretching and Cesar’s head falls into Ashton’s crotch, prompting some sexual tension. Cesar starts playing with his cock through his shorts and then pulls it out and starts sucking Ashton and getting him hard.

Ashton McKay then sucks Cesar’s cock for a while and then bends him over and rims his ass. He fucks Cesar doggy style to start out bent over the bench and then the two go down to the matt on the floor where Ashton fucks Cesar in two more positions. Cesar cannot hold back and he shoots a load of cum all over himself even hitting his own face. Ashton pulls out and shoots on Cesar.

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“Excited and Motivated” – Joe Parker and Tony Orion


Joe Parker and Tony Orion are back in the locker room after Joe’s training session discussing the workout. Tony tells Joe he did a good job and Joe admits that he enjoyed the view looking up Tony’s shorts during the workout. Tony now has a hard cock and as Joe turns around we see his big cock poking through his shorts. Tony grabs it and starts stroking it before he sucks it.

Joe then sucks Tony’s hard uncut cock. Joe then bends Tony over the bench and rims his ass getting him nice and wet before fucking him with his huge cock. With each thrust Tony moans in pleasure and pain. Tony then rides Joe’s huge cock all the way inside his ass for a while before Joe flips him on his back and fucks him until Tony shoots his load and Joe shoots all over Tony.

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“Backroom Sex Diaries” (part 2) – AJ Marshall and Liam Greer


Liam Greer is standing alone in the backroom and we can tell his is obviously nervous by the way he is fidgeting. AJ Marshall walks in and likes what he sees and also senses he is nervous. He guides Liam’s trembling hand to his chest as he asks him if he is nervous and if this is his first time. Liam can barely speak, but says yes it is. With than, AJ takes the lead and starts making out with him and groping him. He drops to his knees and pulls out Liam’s cock and starts sucking him.

Liam loves it and soon he is on his knees sucking AJ’s big hard cock. AJ Marshall bends Liam over the work bench and rims his ass. He then drives his cock deep into Liam’s eager ass and fucks him hard and deep. AJ picks Liam up and carries him to the fuck bench and puts him down on his back and continues to fuck him deeper and harder. Liam cannot hold back and shoots all over himself. AJ pulls out and has Liam lick his balls while he jerks off his cock and shoots a huge load all over Liam.

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