Pierce Paris raw-fucks Woody Fox in “Hot, Raw and Ready” part 1 from Raging Stallion

Director Steve Cruz has made a new movie for Raging Stallion. The movie – called “Hot, Raw and Ready” – marks the bareback bottom debut of both Ricky Larkin and Woody Fox. The latter one bottoms for Pierce Paris and takes his big raw dick in the first scene… which has already been released.

Woody Fox lucks out when Pierce Paris hops out of the shower and drops his towel by the edge of the bed. Woody is cock hungry and wastes no time getting Pierce’s monster meat down his throat. Pierce barely fits his rod in Woody’s strained jaw, but the Aussie stud is eager to please and takes every inch he can cram inside. Pierce wants a taste as well and bends over to 69 with Woody, getting his uncut dick down his hatch.

Woody’s first bareback bottom scene

The taste of Woody’s pole gets Pierce in the mood to stretch his ass. After rimming out Woody’s hole, Pierce lays back to let Woody hop on for his first bareback bottom scene and the ride of his life. Pierce’s thick pole impales Woody and the stud moans out with each thrust from the massive cock in his ass. Pierce has the urge to go even deeper and gets Woody onto his hands and knees to shove his raw cock in and pump even faster.

It’s a race to the finish as Pierce rolls Woody onto his side and picks up the pace to go the final distance. Woody declares that he’s ready to blow and as his hole clenches around Pierce’s cock, Pierce gives in as well. Pierce pulls out and the two studs cum together, leaving Woody a drenched in man juice.

Raging Stallion


The bareback movie “Hot, Raw and Ready” contains 6 scenes in total. The remaining five scenes will be released on the following dates:


Watch Pierce Paris and Woody Fox fuck in the first scene


Watch Woody Fox’s very first bareback bottom scene


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