Phoenix River raw-fucks Roman Eros’ big ass at Active Duty

After a few months of absence, Phoenix River is back at Active Duty. The muscular army boy has been paired up with Roman Eros, who gladly offers Phoenix his big ass. Phoenix is ready to rock as he begins to take off his clothes and when Roman Eros sees how eager he is to get this going they both just get naked and Roman wraps his eager mouth around Phoenix River‘s big hard cock.

Phoenix can’t believe how great of a cock sucker Roman is as he engulfs his throbbing cock with joy. Phoenix is almost going to nut so he pulls Roman up so he can suck on his cock for a bit before he begins to fuck him. Phoenix wants to see if this Marine can take a big cock up his ass as he slowly pushes it deep into Roman’s smooth tight ass. Roman takes each thrust he is given like a true Marine as his ass gets pounded hard and deep.

Phoenix can’t believe how well he takes it and Roman wants it harder and harder. Once Phoenix gets Roman on his back he just can’t keep his nut inside any longer and with a few more hard deep thrusts Roman explodes all over the place sending a shock-wave of joy throughout his body. Phoenix pulls his raw cock out and Roman drops to his needs and opens his mouth and soon enough Phoenix blasts his warm load all over and inside Roman’s eager Marine mouth.

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Watch Phoenix River fuck Roman Eros’ big ass

Active Duty


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