Next Door update: Laith Inkley, Jackson Traynor, Donte Thick, Dante Colle, Spencer Laval & more

Here are this week’s releases from the Next Door Studios network! The gay porn site has released four bareback videos and they are worth checking out. Laith Inkley pounds Jackson Traynor’s ass in “Creeper Alert“, while Donte Thick, Dante Colle and Spencer Laval have a raw threeway in “The Double D B&B“.

Scott Finn bottoms for Anthony Moore and takes his raw cock in “Dirty Cop – Busted Bottom“. Carter Woods has been paired up with newcomer Jayden Smith in a scene called “Earned Rewards“. While this is Jayden’s first scene for Next Door Studios, you may recognize him as Jaden from Corbin Fisher.

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“Creeper Alert” – Laith Inkley and Jackson Traynor


Bummed by the harassment he’s getting from some creeper text asshole, Jackson Traynor is consoled by roomie Laith Inkley. Laith hates to see his roomie so distraught, especially since he’s been harboring a secret crush on Jackson since they moved in together. Seizing the moment, Laith comforts Jackson before making his move, and to his surprise, Jackson doesn’t rebuff his attempts. Instead, he lets Laith do whatever he wants with him, and Laith Inkley, suddenly emboldened, embraces all his fantasies.

He bends Jackson over after sucking him off, then slides his rock hard cock into Jackson’s perfect hole, pounding him from behind as Jackson closes his eyes and takes every inch. Flipping him over, Laith rubs on Jackson’s chest and then strokes his dick while he fills him up, and Jackson comes close to letting loose his nut. Laith begins to fuck harder as Jackson nears the edge, then finally spits his load all over himself, forgetting all about his troubles as Laith pulls out and double doses him with his jizz.

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“The Double D B&B” – Donte Thick, Dante Colle and Spencer Laval


Here at the Double D Bed and Breakfast, a guest will find all the standard accommodations that one would expect- scenic views, quiet, clean rooms, attention to detail and impeccable service- but the proprietors of the inn offer one extra amenity that sets them apart. Dante Colle and partner Donte Thick have been in the hospitality business for a few years now, and the one thing they pride themselves on is the level of personal service they provide… especially to guests as desirable as Spencer Laval.

Spencer discovers that the term ‘full service’ doesn’t just mean a stocked ice machine or a continental breakfast. Instead, Spencer receives the full hands on treatment from the Double Ds, and after his experience, he’s positive that not only will he be writing a glowing review, but he’ll also be sure to book again in the near future.

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“Dirty Cop – Busted Bottom” – Anthony Moore and Scott Finn


Detective Anthony Moore is still hot on the trail of the dealer who has been peddling his wares on campus, and his investigation has yielded a search warrant for Scott Finn‘s place of residence. After searching the house and coming up empty, the rest of the officers have pulled out and left, but Detective Moore senses that something isn’t right, and hangs out a little longer. Sure enough, he catches Scott trying to make his getaway with an open bag of cash and his plane ticket in the bag.

Detective Moore informs Scott that he won’t be making his flight to the Bahamas, but that maybe they can work something out that will allow Scott to continue his business aspirations. Scott, busted and without a lot of options, has no choice but to accept Detective Moore’s offer. Will it be the beginning of the end for the both of them or will they form a mutually beneficial partnership going forward? Only time will tell…


“Earned Rewards” – Jayden Smith and Carter Woods


Images are not yet available for this video

Jayden Smith has some special plans lined up for Carter Woods‘ birthday. Carter doesn’t know it, but Jayden has a whole evening lined up for the two of them. First, dinner, then a concert in the city, and for a finale, Jayden plans to bring Carter back home and have his way with him for dessert. Jayden takes him back to the bedroom and gives him the fuck of his life, sliding his cock deep into Carter’s hole and taking the term ‘one to grow on’ to a whole new meaning.

Carter loves every inch of Jayden’s pulsating cock as it pounds inside him, and he strokes himself off as Jayden Smith opens him up like a present, fucking him until he can take no more. As the two of them lose their nut all over each other and fall back into bed, Carter thanks Jayden for the best birthday he’s had in a long, long time.

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