MEN update: Diego Sans, Damon Heart, Andy Onassis, Gabriel Phoenix, Lance Hart & more

Three very hot videos from the network! Brazilian hottie Diego Sans pounds Damon Heart’s ass in “The Driver” part two. Hung muscle daddy Andy Onassis debuts at and fucks Gabriel Phoenix. You can watch Andy and Gabriel in the first scene from a new mini-series, called “Social Climber“. The last video brings Lance Hart, Michael Jackman and Jack Hunter together. You can see Lance fucking Michael in “Erectile Entanglement” part one.

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“The Driver” (part 2) – Diego Sans and Damon Heart


Luis Rubi has seen too much and now Diego Sans will stop at nothing to make sure that he doesn’t tell anyone his secrets. Diego tracks down Luis’ driver Damon Heart and after a thrilling car chase takes him for an interrogation. Curly haired hunk Diego grills Damon about Luis’ whereabouts, but when things take a dangerous turn Damon realizes that he’ll need to use his mouth for something other than talking to get out of this situation.

Athletic stud Damon Heart blows Diego’s thick cock, taking it all the way down his throat to put the hairy chested hottie at ease. Diego rims Damon’s tight hole, spreading it and stretching it to get it ready for his cock. Damon rides Diego Sans hard, filling his hungry hole until they’ve both blown their huge loads all over Damon’s chest.

Watch Diego Sans pound Damon Heart in “The Driver” part 2


“Social Climber” (part 1) – Andy Onassis and Gabriel Phoenix


Gabriel Phoenix has scrimped, saved and finally bought himself a beautiful home in the hills. One problem, the neighbors won’t show him the respect he deserves because he made his fortune on his back. After a particularly painful slight, Gabriel decides that if the (figuratively speaking) king of the neighborhood won’t let Gabriel live his life then he is left with only one option… revenge.

Full-lipped and bearded, Gabriel embarks on his journey of undermining the king by getting in touch with his blue collar roots, seducing the king’s housekeeper, the dark-haired muscle top Andy Onassis. Gabriel gives Andy a life changing blowjob before letting the shredded handyman pound his eager hole. Gabriel laps up the thick cum Andy Onassis pumps out of his cock before pumping him for some information on where the next step on his tour of torment should fall.

See Andy Onassis fuck Gabriel Phoenix in his very first scene


“Erectile Entanglement” (part 1) – Lance Hart, Michael Jackman (+ Jack Hunter)


Jack Hunter is finally going home to see his parents after his first semester at college. The tall, brown-haired cutie is nervous about telling his dad (Lance Hart) that he’s gay, but before he has a chance Lance reveals that he’s left Jack’s mother to date the much younger Michael Jackman. Jack takes the news hard, throwing an adolescent temper tantrum that breaks his father’s heart.

Michael decides to comfort the sexy salt-and-pepper stud with a cheeky striptease, giving Jack an eyeful in the process. Lance finds comfort in his tall new beau’s soft lips as they kiss and trade wet blowjobs. Lance Hart bends Michael over, hammering the athletic twink’s tight hole until they’ve both blown their loads.

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